Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Join Romance Divas on the forums from March 28-30, 2006 to chat with Christina Brashear.

Publisher of Samhain Publishing, Chrissy is ready to answer your questions on the world behind the keyboard and screen of publishing. Her editor-in-chief Angie James will also be stopping by, to answser questions specific about submissions and Samhain's lines."

Born and raised two miles from a uranium processing plant, Crissy swears she really isn't glowing, it's just your imagination.Crissy has been a lifelong lover of books—a born reader. She was maliciously tricked into going to kindergarten on a promise that she would be taught how to read. She came home that first day still unable to read and has not forgiven her family to this day, she has a long memory. Romance novels helped Crissy survive the years of being an active duty military wife and the long periods of separation from her own real life hero. He who moves a library with every relocation and with minimal complaint has to be considered a hero.

Crissy's been educated in office management and as an administrative assistant, though she refuses to obtain a degree because of the speech course requirement—fear of public speaking. Her job history covers a plethora of subjects ranging from retail, admin in a Total Quality office (Great experience), banking, insurance and finally to information technology before applying all her learned skills to the e-publishing arena. She applies not only her life experiences, common sense but also her own judgment as to what an average reader would want or think—after all, that's what she is—when making decisions or thinking of new ideas for her companies."

You can visit Samhain Publishing at

Link to the Q&A is here!

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Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Putting the finishing touches on my contest entry for the Sheila, sponsored by the Valley Forge Romance Writers Association. The deadline is Saturday and I think I'm almost there. Just need to write the dreaded synopsis and I can put this thing in the mail.

I know everyone struggles with writing synopses, but I just can't do it to save my life. My story just sounds completely ridiculous...I wouldn't even want to read it. Ugh.

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Monday, March 27, 2006

It's my first post in almost a week. I knew I'd be too ADD to keep this up! lol!

Anyway, after being really darn depressed on Thursday night and Friday morning, I am back in a good mood. Sure, Duke lost to LSU and is out of the tourney, but UCONN lost too! Whoo-hoo!

I hate UCONN. I really do. I hate them more than I hate Carolina or Kentucky, so if you know anything about college basketball or about Duke's rivalries with these schools, that says a lot.

I'd picked Duke and UCONN to play in the final game, with Duke winning it all. So when we flamed out in the Sweet Sixteen I really wanted Washington to beat UCONN. Not because I'm a U-Dub fan or anything, but because I really didn't want UCONN to advance any farther than we did. Well, UCONN made it to the Elite Eight, so that hope was out but I could still cling to my deep-seated desire for Jim Calhoun not to tie Coach K for 3 championships. And really the only thing stopping them from that was George Mason.

Like most other Washingtontonians, I must admit that I wasn't even sure until 2 weeks ago whether Mason even had a basketball team! Actually, I figured they did, but that it was probably Div. II. So when they got into the tourney I was surprised to hear of their existence. Then when they started! I readily admit that I jumped onto the Mason bandwagon.

On Saturday night, right after LSU beat Texas, I predicted an LSU-GMU final game. All my friends thought I was nuts, but I had hope.

My husband and I joked last night about driving over to Fairfax (about 10 minutes away) to join in the celebrations. It's not that I'm a Mason fan, per se, but I'm a UCONN hater.

And any team that beats Michigan State, Carolina, and UCONN is pretty cool in my book.

So go Patriots!

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Tuesday, March 21, 2006

It's the second day of Spring and for some reason it is colder than winter here. They even were predicting snow last night, although I didn't hear anything about snow this morning on the news. So hopefully that's changed.

But I don't get it. Last Monday I wore a cute little spring outfit--linen skirt, light and airy short-sleeved shirt, sandals. It got up to 85 degrees that day. Now we're looking at a high of 38 and possible snow? WTF?

The only silver lining to this is that maybe, just maybe, it will stop the flood of tourists. We're already beginning to see the start of tourist season here.

I noticed it yesterday morning and afternoon on the Metro. Why on Earth tourists feel the need to ride the Metro in the middle of rush hour is beyond me. I mean seriously, you're on vacation. Sleep in. Don't get up early to hit the sights. The monuments have been there for years. And the White House has been around for two hundred years. They're not going anywhere. They'll still be there if you head out at 10 instead of 8.

What really gets me are the people who feel the need to take the Metro in the middle of rush hour with their gigantic baby stroller. We're not talking about the type of stroller that our own moms pushed us around in when we were kids. No, today's strollers are deluxe models, designed to take up as much space as possible. Sort of the SUV of strollers. And all these parents seem to think that it's a good idea to bring those things on the Metro in morning rush hour.

I mean seriously, I know you're enamored of Baby Einstein and probably set up your kid's Harvard fund the second you got beyond your first trimester, but guess what? Your infant is NOT going to appreciate the Smithsonian. He's not going to have any meaningful recollection of having gone to see the Vietnam War Memorial before he could even walk. So leave the kid at home. Or at least leave the monster stroller at home so you aren't taking up all the space on the train.

And don't complain about how crowded the Metro is during rush hour. You're just adding to the crowdedness by bringing that huge stroller. Even if you didn't bring a stroller, the mere fact that tourists are on the train at 7:30 am is ridiculous. WE have to be there. We don't have a choice. YOU don't. You can choose to sleep in an hour later. YOU'RE the one who made the choice to get up and fight rush hour.

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Monday, March 20, 2006

Welcome to Day 1 of my blog! LOL, we'll see how long this lasts.

Anyway, all my Romance Divas friends kept telling me that I needed to get a blog, so here goes.

It was a weird weekend. I love March Madness. It's the time of year I live for, but my bracket is busted beyond repair at this point. The only saving grace is that so is everyone else's! I'm in second place in the Divas' pool, and in 2nd place in my office pool. (Of course, the office one isn't actually happening "officially." Totally off-the-record, because the government doesn't exactly condone gambling in the office, but I digress.) And I'm the only one in my office pool who picked Duke to win it all, so if they do, I'll be $100 richer. :)

But seriously, this weekend is exactly why they call it March Madness. George Mason over Carolina? WTF? Georgetown over Ohio State (although, I'm proud to admit that I picked that one). Bradley over Pitt?

I may come off like a silly schoolgirl or something, but I happened to really enjoy the Bradley-Pitt game, because when they put up the score box on CBS, with the abbreviations for the team anmes it said "BRAD" "PITT." I got a kick out of that.

And call me shallow, but as a third-generation Duke grad, I must admit that seeing George Mason (which, by the way, is down the street from me) beat Carolina brought a warm glow to my heart and made me feel fuzzy all over. I know I should be rooting for the ACC team (it makes the conference stronger, blah blah blah), but I don't care. Any day that the Tar Heels lose is a great day in my book. And Maryland losing in the first round of the NIT (the so-called "Not In Tournament")? What a weekend!

The game that I was most conflicted over was UCONN-KENTUCKY. Both teams are ruled by Satan, in my book. So I honestly wanted both to lose! It's like when UNC plays Kentucky. I root for he meteor...the one that hits the stadium killing everyone inside. That meteor hasn't hit yet, but it's way overdue...

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