Monday, March 27, 2006

It's my first post in almost a week. I knew I'd be too ADD to keep this up! lol!

Anyway, after being really darn depressed on Thursday night and Friday morning, I am back in a good mood. Sure, Duke lost to LSU and is out of the tourney, but UCONN lost too! Whoo-hoo!

I hate UCONN. I really do. I hate them more than I hate Carolina or Kentucky, so if you know anything about college basketball or about Duke's rivalries with these schools, that says a lot.

I'd picked Duke and UCONN to play in the final game, with Duke winning it all. So when we flamed out in the Sweet Sixteen I really wanted Washington to beat UCONN. Not because I'm a U-Dub fan or anything, but because I really didn't want UCONN to advance any farther than we did. Well, UCONN made it to the Elite Eight, so that hope was out but I could still cling to my deep-seated desire for Jim Calhoun not to tie Coach K for 3 championships. And really the only thing stopping them from that was George Mason.

Like most other Washingtontonians, I must admit that I wasn't even sure until 2 weeks ago whether Mason even had a basketball team! Actually, I figured they did, but that it was probably Div. II. So when they got into the tourney I was surprised to hear of their existence. Then when they started! I readily admit that I jumped onto the Mason bandwagon.

On Saturday night, right after LSU beat Texas, I predicted an LSU-GMU final game. All my friends thought I was nuts, but I had hope.

My husband and I joked last night about driving over to Fairfax (about 10 minutes away) to join in the celebrations. It's not that I'm a Mason fan, per se, but I'm a UCONN hater.

And any team that beats Michigan State, Carolina, and UCONN is pretty cool in my book.

So go Patriots!

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