Tuesday, March 21, 2006

It's the second day of Spring and for some reason it is colder than winter here. They even were predicting snow last night, although I didn't hear anything about snow this morning on the news. So hopefully that's changed.

But I don't get it. Last Monday I wore a cute little spring outfit--linen skirt, light and airy short-sleeved shirt, sandals. It got up to 85 degrees that day. Now we're looking at a high of 38 and possible snow? WTF?

The only silver lining to this is that maybe, just maybe, it will stop the flood of tourists. We're already beginning to see the start of tourist season here.

I noticed it yesterday morning and afternoon on the Metro. Why on Earth tourists feel the need to ride the Metro in the middle of rush hour is beyond me. I mean seriously, you're on vacation. Sleep in. Don't get up early to hit the sights. The monuments have been there for years. And the White House has been around for two hundred years. They're not going anywhere. They'll still be there if you head out at 10 instead of 8.

What really gets me are the people who feel the need to take the Metro in the middle of rush hour with their gigantic baby stroller. We're not talking about the type of stroller that our own moms pushed us around in when we were kids. No, today's strollers are deluxe models, designed to take up as much space as possible. Sort of the SUV of strollers. And all these parents seem to think that it's a good idea to bring those things on the Metro in morning rush hour.

I mean seriously, I know you're enamored of Baby Einstein and probably set up your kid's Harvard fund the second you got beyond your first trimester, but guess what? Your infant is NOT going to appreciate the Smithsonian. He's not going to have any meaningful recollection of having gone to see the Vietnam War Memorial before he could even walk. So leave the kid at home. Or at least leave the monster stroller at home so you aren't taking up all the space on the train.

And don't complain about how crowded the Metro is during rush hour. You're just adding to the crowdedness by bringing that huge stroller. Even if you didn't bring a stroller, the mere fact that tourists are on the train at 7:30 am is ridiculous. WE have to be there. We don't have a choice. YOU don't. You can choose to sleep in an hour later. YOU'RE the one who made the choice to get up and fight rush hour.

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