Monday, March 20, 2006

Welcome to Day 1 of my blog! LOL, we'll see how long this lasts.

Anyway, all my Romance Divas friends kept telling me that I needed to get a blog, so here goes.

It was a weird weekend. I love March Madness. It's the time of year I live for, but my bracket is busted beyond repair at this point. The only saving grace is that so is everyone else's! I'm in second place in the Divas' pool, and in 2nd place in my office pool. (Of course, the office one isn't actually happening "officially." Totally off-the-record, because the government doesn't exactly condone gambling in the office, but I digress.) And I'm the only one in my office pool who picked Duke to win it all, so if they do, I'll be $100 richer. :)

But seriously, this weekend is exactly why they call it March Madness. George Mason over Carolina? WTF? Georgetown over Ohio State (although, I'm proud to admit that I picked that one). Bradley over Pitt?

I may come off like a silly schoolgirl or something, but I happened to really enjoy the Bradley-Pitt game, because when they put up the score box on CBS, with the abbreviations for the team anmes it said "BRAD" "PITT." I got a kick out of that.

And call me shallow, but as a third-generation Duke grad, I must admit that seeing George Mason (which, by the way, is down the street from me) beat Carolina brought a warm glow to my heart and made me feel fuzzy all over. I know I should be rooting for the ACC team (it makes the conference stronger, blah blah blah), but I don't care. Any day that the Tar Heels lose is a great day in my book. And Maryland losing in the first round of the NIT (the so-called "Not In Tournament")? What a weekend!

The game that I was most conflicted over was UCONN-KENTUCKY. Both teams are ruled by Satan, in my book. So I honestly wanted both to lose! It's like when UNC plays Kentucky. I root for he meteor...the one that hits the stadium killing everyone inside. That meteor hasn't hit yet, but it's way overdue...

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