Tuesday, April 18, 2006

I officially have nothing entertaining or amusing to say. I am in a pissy modd today, on account of my damn allergies.

I took a Claritin this morning, like usual. I felt fine. Everything was normal.

Then I leave for work. On my way to the Metro, I passed a landscaper using a leaf blower. Only he wasn't blowing leaves. He was blowing those little pollen thingies that keep falling on the ground. I saw what he was doing and decided to stay on the opposite side of the street. But he kicked up such a cloud of pollen that I still could feel its thickness and I must have gotten some in my eye.


While I was on the train my eye started swelling and tearing out of control. By the time I got to my office I couldn't open my eye. And I couldn't even turn on the light in my office--I had to work by the light of the computer screen.

I eventually went to the health clinic to flush my eye out so now it doesn't bother me as badly, but I can't wear a contact in that eye and I didn't bring my glasses, so this has been an annoying day...

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