Tuesday, April 11, 2006

OMG! My first sale!

OK, I'll calm down now. But I'm still totally psyched! It's for Bites, from Freya's Bower. Freya's Bower is an e-pub associated with Wild Child Publishing (WCP was named #7 on Writer's Digest's 101 Best Websites for Writers last year). FB specializes in romance, both steamy and non.

Bites are two steamy (or steamier than steamy) short stories interconnected with a common theme. The two stories can be no more than 8000 words total between the two of them, or no shorter than 6000 words total, but they must share some common theme. The FB editors will give each accepted author a prompt, and then the author takes it from there!

My prompt looks fun:

Genre: Chick lit

Bites prompt: A pair of kick-ass, yet butt-ugly stiletto heels. They're purple, five inches high with a bit of platform, and the open toes are surrounded by hideously ugly green sequins. However, there's just something about them that draws their owners to wear them and makes men think that the woman who wears them has the best pair of legs and cutest butt around.

Make us crack up laughing and at the same time, make the temperature go up in the room.

*rubbing hands together and grinning evilly* I think I can have some fun with that...

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