Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Think your book would make a great movie?

If so, join Romance Divas in the chat room on Friday, April 28 at 9pm EST/6pm PST for a chat with author and entertainment attorney Beth Orsoff about what to expect if Hollywood comes knockin'.

Beth Orsoff, author of the newly-released ROMANTICALLY CHALLENGED (NAL), is a former assistant general counsel for Warner Bros. and vice president of business affairs for MGM Pictures who once dated twenty-seven men in one year. Now happily married, Beth lives in Los Angeles and splits her time between lawyering, writing, publicizing, and taking care of her husband and their Tickle Me Elmo.

Before her chat, take a moment to download the attached sample contract so you'll have questions for Beth and will be able to follow along as she explains the ins and outs of a studio contract. Beth will explain what rights you're selling, what rights you should keep, and some of those sneaky little provisions even your agent may not understand. Questions welcome, so please don't be shy!

Here's the instructions for the chat:

1. Go to: -- wait 5-10 seconds as the coffee cup javascript icon loads and then you'll see a login screen.
2. You don't need a password to get in. Once you have made it to the webpage, in the Username section type in a username of your choice. Instead of a password, just press ENTER
3. Now, if you do not get into the chat and all you see is a red X, you'll need to download Java's ACTIVE X at this web addy: -- you may be required to reboot your computer
4. If after you downloaded and re-booted and the red X still shows up, you will need to change the parameters on your firewall as it may be too high.

Please visit for more details about Beth and her book.

Oh, and by the way, Beth's book is hilarious. It was one of the three recent books I reviewed for Romance Divas. Wanna hear about these books? OK, here goes:

Romantically Challenged by Beth Orsoff (NAL, April 2006):
Very funny story about a girl's attempts at online dating and being set up by friends. I gave it 4 kisses. You can read the review here:

Long Strange Trip by Vicki Gaia (Samhaim Publishing, March 2006):
Touching story set in the trippy hippie days of 1967 Berkeley, CA. I also gave it 4 kisses. Here's the review:

Blind Justice by Kelsy George (Cerridwen Press, March 2006):
Hands down the best book I've read all year. Ms. George is a cross between James Patterson and Nora Roberts. I gave it 5 kisses. Here's the review:

Next up on my list to be reviewed for Romance Divas is Lost in Suburbia by Elise Adams (Cerridwen Press, April 2006).

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