Thursday, May 25, 2006

Good news!

According to a new study, eating chocolate may boost your brain power. So, writers who love to snack while working can take solace that it's all for their art.

You can read the story here:

Now, if they could only find a chocolate that could help you lose weight...I'd be all over that.

Eric and I leave for our cruise tomorrow. We'll be flying all day to Seattle. Literally, all day. The airlines canceled the direct flight from LaGuardia to Seattle, so now we're going Baltimore to LaGuardia, LaGuardia to Denver, Denver to Seattle. It's gonna suck. Guess that's what you get for booking a cheap flight...oh well. At least we're going on a fun trip!

So I'll be incommunicado for over a week. I'll post pics when I get back!

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