Friday, May 19, 2006

It was the end of an era last night. I'm talking about That 70s Show and Will & Grace, two shows that began in 1998. Very different concepts: That 70s Show was about slacker teens doing nothing but getting high in The Circle, whereas W&G challenged cultural and comedic boundaries with a sitcom about a straight woman and her gay best friend.

Although I got truly bored of W&G towards the end, I think the fact that something that was so controversial when it began is now, well, so commonplace and mainstream (think about how many stories you've read lately with the heroine's gay best friend..shall I make a list? It would go on for hours...) is a wonderful testament to how societal attitudes are changing (well, with the exception of the states banning gay marriage).

I must admit that I was quite happy that the series finales weren't on at the same time. I was glad to be able to watch both.

That 70s Show went out exactly like it should have--with the gang engaging in quasi self-appraisal and deciding, nah. My husband asks why it ended. He thought it could have gone on longer. But I don't think it could have. For starters, the most popular characters (Eric & Kelso) had left. Not to mentioned that it was beginning to be silly to have late-twenty-somethings portraying 19-year-olds. I guess That 70s Show was taking a cue from 90210 on that front. They definitely engaged in 90210-style math: how many 1978s did we have?

As for Will & Grace, the last episode was cute, but very over the top and silly at times. But hey, that's how Will & Grace was (well, at least Karen and Jack). I definitely thought it was cute that (SPOILER ALERT!!!!!!!!!!) Will and Grace's children meet and fall in love. But the constant jumping in time was often confusing. Cute, but confusing.

Goodbye That 70s Show and Will & Grace. May you have long and happy lives in syndication.

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