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An Interview with Freya's Bower Author, Elisabeth Drake

Welcome to the second installment in my series of interviews with my fellow Freya's Bower authors. Today I'm profiling Elisabeth Drake, author of WAKING THE SHADOWS.

Amanda: Tell us a little bit about yourself.

Elisabeth: I'm just your everyday weird pagan poly kinky goth writer chick. ;)

I live in Massachusetts with my fiance, who is also my critiquepartner, and my cat. (With the amount of attention she demands, yes,she deserves mention.) Currently, I'm a stay-at-home something-or-other (unless cat mom counts), where I spend most of my time writing andplaying too much World of Warcraft for my own damn good.

Amanda: When and how did you begin writing?

Elisabeth: I've always written -- or rather, I've always told stories. See, instead of reading me books, they made up bedtime stories, featuring myself, my sister, and our huge black Newfoundland, Sampson. So I wanted to tell stories just like that, too. I was something like five or six when I started writing them down on paper, and eight when I decided that's what I wanted to do for a career -- write professionally. That hasn't changed. :)

Amanda: Where do you get your inspiration?

Elisabeth: Blue Light specials at Wally World?

Seriously, I get it from everywhere. My muse is a hyperactive demon in desperate need of ritalin. Something as mundane as a stray comment can inspire a story. Lyrics and poetry do it fairly often. Other times, a book/story I've read will annoy me to the point that I write something similar, but different.

That's actually how Arielle Thompson, the main character in Waking the Shadows, came about. Several years ago, I'd finished reading all the published books in Laurell K. Hamilton's Anita Blake series. (Mind, this was backbefore the current urban fantasy/paranormal romance trend hit.) I disliked the direction she was taking the books and wanted more focuson the other paranormal creatures than just the vampires and werewolves. So Arielle Thompson, a preternatural specialist investigating all kinds of phenomena, was born. I only wrote one story about her prior to Waking the Shadows, and I developed both her and the world quite a bit from the original premise, but that was the original inspiration. To tell the truth, I'm glad to be back to writing her. :)

Amanda: What are you reading right now?

Elisabeth: A lot of paranormals and fantasies. Oh, you mean specifically? "Huntingthe Hunter" by Shiloh Walker. It looks to be a lot of fun.

Amanda: What are you working on right now?

Elisabeth: I'm currently writing a presequel to Waking the Shadows. Yeah, it's both a prequel and a sequel. It starts when Arielle is sent to investigate a series of vampire murders, and encounters Jackson, who is also working the case from the vampire end. They end up having to work together to solve the case. Skip ahead two years, after they're"together," and they discover the case isn't as settled as they thought it was...I'm also working on a full-length dark urban fantasy novel, Stronger than the Night, set in the same world as Waking the Shadows.

Here's a (somewhat) short blurb:

"Cassandra Lee is the ultimate abomination, a child of two powerful psychic vampires. After her bestf riend is killed by psi-vamps, Cassandra swears she'll hunt down every last one of them. Terrified of her power, the psi-vamps want her dead. But a new faction divides the Dark Court. They want to bring Cassandra into the fold and use her power to create a vampiric Territory.
Alex Chandler can't let that happen. The last Abomination brought about mass destruction, leaving his people all but extinct. Honor-bound to protect his misguided brethren and prevent history from repeating itself, he takes matters into his own hands. But when he meets Cassandra, he can't believe she's the creature they fear. He befriends her to get closer to the kill.
Neither of them count on falling in love."

I'm also doing a (fairly minor) rewrite of Resurrection, an erotic romance novel dealing with shapeshifters on another world, that I'll beresubmitting to Liquid Silver.

Yes, I stay busy. ;)

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