Thursday, July 13, 2006

Looking for some hot summer reading???? Look no further.

Cassandra Curtis released CUP OF FATE at the beginning of June and I was remiss in not blogging about it sooner. What a great book!

Can one woman find true love in tea leaves? Or is it a tempest in a teacup?

Bryn Tuttle lost everything due to her bad taste in men. Now she's starting over fresh. In the misty bluegrass hills of Kentucky, she finds a new job, apartment and friends. When a co-worker invites her yard-sale shopping one weekend, she decides to tag along, never realizing fate has something else in store.

They discover a rare item—a mysterious, antique, fortune-telling teacup. Bryn never suspects that a single sip from the Cup of Fate will change her life, that her future is actually linked to the tea leaves that cling inside. But when she drinks from the cup and next awakens, she soon comprehends that nothing will ever be the same...

Genres: Paranormal / Fantasy / Magic
Heat Level: 2
Length: Extended Amber Kiss (12k words)


So go out and buy the book, OK?

So, who's going to RWA in Atlanta? Me, me, me!!!! I can't wait to meet many of my fellow authors and hopefully dazzle the agents and editors with my pitch for FROM MISS BITCH TO MRS. RICH. And hey, if they don't like that, maybe they'd be interested in seeing my wip YA series CODENAME: DANCER (right now I'm working on the first one, entitled THE DEGAS CODE).

Anyway, have you practiced your pitch? If the idea of talking face-to-face with an industry pro freaks you out, then you're in luck. Diana Peterfreund, author of hot new Bantam release SECRET SOCIETY GIRL (you know, the book all the newspapers are saying is launching a whole new subgenre of "Ivy League Lit"), is giving a workshop this week on Romance Divas ( on pitching at conferences. Diana will give you a run-down on how to craft the perfect pitch and will even critique yours. Right in time for RWA Nationals!

Best of all, like all RD workshops, it's FREE! So head on over...

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