Monday, July 10, 2006

Trade secrets, industrial espionage...these words were all over the media this weekend in light of the recent exposed plot by a former Coke employee to sell secrets to rival Pepsi. The media is likening it to a spy novel, which makes me wonder...would this type of book sell?

For a while I've wanted to write a chick lit legal thriller (I loved loved loved Alesia Holliday's first installement in her December Vaughen series of chick lit legal thrillers) but just couldn't figure out what my angle could be. Yes, I'm an attorney, but I don't go to court. I don't prosecute bad guys or defend wrongly accused innocent people, nor do I save the poor down-trodden people from exploitation by big corporations in products liability cases.

In short, I don't do the sexy legal work that gets the focus of TV dramas and legal thrillers.

I'm an intellectual property attorney. My clients don't go to jail. They invent things...or write stories...or perform in plays...or develop new brands. I think it's exciting, cutting-edge work, but I'm not sure that it's the stuff that a legal thriller is made of.

But maybe I'm wrong. I'd been playing around with a granule of an idea for a chick lit legal thriller about trade secrets for a while now but never though anyone would be interested. But in light of the recent events, maybe the time is ripe for it.

I dunno. What do you think?

Anyway, along those lines, Michele Scott, author of MURDER UNCORKED and MURDER BY THE GLASS, is giving a workshop at Romance Divas on writing chick lit mysteries, so you should check it out! As always, workshops at RD are free. You just need to register as a member on the forum.

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