Sunday, July 23, 2006

What's Your Type?

Do your heroines have a "type"? By this, I mean, can you categorize all your heroes in one particular way? If so, is this similar to the types of guys you've dated? What about your significant other?

I'm not sure if my heroines have a type. My heroes are pretty varied in looks and ethnicity, although they do tend to be relatively similar in occupations (they all tend to be either lawyers, engineers, or legislative staffers, and several of my male lawyers are also engineers, like my husband, who's a former engineer turned patent attorney).

I definitely had a type when I was dating, though. Tall, blond, blue-eyed with a science background.

(I'm just going to mention serious, long-term relationships here.)

Let's see...first there was Matt. Blond hair, blue eyes, he eventually majored in chemistry, but then became a firefighter after college. Just ran into him on the Metro this spring and apparently he's now married, with two kids, and is in law school.

My first real, serious, adult boyfriend (in college), was Steve. He was tall (6'3"), with blond hair and blue eyes and was a California surfer type. He's an engineer working in NYC now, married to an actress.

Then there was John. Tall (6'4"), blond hair, blue eyes. He was an engineering major. I assume that's what he's doing now, but I have no clue.

Next up was Andrew. Again, tall (6'1"), dark blond hair, blue eyes. He was not a scientist, unless you consider political science. When I dated him, he was studying Arabic at Georgetown. Last I heard, he's doing intelligence or something.

Then Patrick. Tall (6'2"), dark blond hair, the most amazing blue eyes. He was a bio major in college, then went to med school. He's now a doctor in Oregon, I believe, mountain climbing and backpacking to his heart's content.

I definitely broke the mold when I met my husband, though. He's tall and has a science background, but he certainly isn't blond or blue-eyed. (Scroll down for picture of him and me.)

So, what about you?

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