Friday, August 04, 2006

Arrest Made in Phoenix Serial Shooter Case

I have been debating what to write today. Many of who know that, although I haven't done so here, I've weighed in on RD and on other people's blogs about the whole Jan Butler issue. I thought about being Blog # 81472947129474 to take it on as my post today, but decided against it. If you want to read my thoughts, head on over to Kate Rothwell's blog of July 22 and Smart B!tches's blogs of yesterday and today.

It also thought about posting my thoughts on the Senate's failure to pass a bill that would raise the minimum wage from $5.15/hr to $7.25/hr. I was all ready to point out that working full time at the current federal minimum (and most minimum wage earners don't have full-time jobs because their employers don't want to pop for benefits that would be required for full-time employees, so they have lots of part-timers) would get you not much more than $10K per year, which is well below the poverty level. DEFINITELY not a living wage.

But I'm not going there either. You've all read the arguments in papers, in the blogs of people much smarter than me (although I'm not sure whether she's discussed this issue lately, can I just say that I want to be Ana Marie Cox when I grow up?), heard it on TV, and ahve thoughts of your own. I'm not going to rehash it on here. (And $7.25/hr gets you just under $15K, so not a heckuva lot more.)

I also thought about posting my thoughts on the current horrible situation in Lebanon/Israel and how scared I am for the families of friends of mine who are currently in both of those countries.

But I'm turning over a new leaf. Despite the fact that I originally began this blog thinking that I wanted to make it a combo of my writing journey, random thoughts on politics, and life in DC, I'm beginning more and more to think that I should steer clear of the political issues on here. At least most of the time. I'm not Ana Marie Cox. I won't ever be.

So, here's my post for today:

Looks like the police in Phoenix have caught the so-called "Serial Shooter." THANK GOODNESS! Having once lived (not too terribly long ago) in the Phoenix area, and having so many friends still there, I was definitely very relieved to read this:

Now, here's to hoping that they'll catch the Baseline Killer.

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