Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Crazy, Whirlwind Type of Day

So, yesterday I got an unsolicited email from an agent. She's an associate of an agent I met at RWA. We'll call the one I met at RWA "Agent A" and her associate "Agent B." I didn't even really pitch Agent A. I just noticed that she reps on of my all-time fave legal thriller writers, so I told her how much I loved those books. We got to talking about that series, and it came out that I'm an intellectual property attorney, and that I write chick lit, and that one day I'd like to write a chick lit legal thriller about trade secrets and industrial espionage. Agent ! thought that sounded cool and said she's like to take a look at it one day (LONG IN THE FUTURE) when it's done. So we traded cards.

Anyway, yesterday, Agent A's associate, Agent B, emailed me. She said that Agent B enjoyed meeting with me and was impressed by my "drive, ideas, and professionalism," but that she's full right now, so she passed my card along to Agent B. Agent B then proceeded to request 100 pages of FROM MISS BITCH, as well as "whatever you have" of the unfinished YA (CODENAME: DANCER). Color me SHOCKED!


But wait -- it gets better! I get to work this morning and check one of my email accounts. Turns out, there was a clerical error in the 2006 Jasmine Contest and even though the announcements went out without my name on it, that was a mistake and I am actually a finalist! The contest coordinator apologized profusely, said she's working to resend announcements to the RWA loops, is sending me my finalist prize, and is sending my entry to the contest judge.


Then, I check yet another email account, this time, the "Amanda Brice" one, and find two fantastic reviews for SHE'S GOT LEGS, my mini ebook short from Freya's Bower.

Romance Divas gave me 4 kisses:
"I would love to see this as a longer piece as the premise is hilarious. All in all a great fast read and it will, I'm sure, make readers long for more from this author."

I'll link to the RD review when it goes live on the site.

But get this, Coffee Time Romance gave me 5 cups!!!!!!
"I probably did not blink once through this story. When it ended, I wanted to scream, "It cannot be over yet, can it?" Ms. Brice penned a hilarious tale with an innovative twist. Loaded with funny references pertinent to the twenty and thirty-something women of today, there were some roar out loud moments through her witty tone and sharp descriptions. The characters are nothing short of adorable. There is a bit of Daria in every woman. It was truly a delight to read."

You can read the full review here:


I think my coworkers must think I'm nuts, because I've been bouncing off walls since yesterday afternoon! Somebody better scrape me off the ceiling, because I think I got stuck up here!

So yeah, I'm having a GREAT couple of days. Much better than Senator Joe Lieberman is having. The three-time senator, one-time Democratic Vice-Presidential nominee, and primary presidential candidate in 2004, lost the Democratic Primary in Connecticut to challenger Ned Lamont. What should have been an easy cakewalk for this moderate turned into a disaster, as Lamont played off of Connecticut Democrats' growing distate for President Bush and everyone they deem to be his apologist.

Will Lieberman keep his seat? He's running as an Independent now, so he's not totally out of the race. 45% of Connecticut residents self-identify as "independent" or "party undeclared," so he's got a large swath of voters he can court. He can now position himself as a true moderate, and get the center-rights who've always admired him and are becoming increasingly disillusioned by the direction the Republican Party is going.

But will it be enough? Only time will tell. Guess we'll find out in November.

It was hasn't been a great week for Texas Republicans, as Tom DeLay was forced to act after Republicans lost several court battles to remove his name from the ballot in his former district and replace him with a GOP-chosen nominee. The GOP ended their formal legal battles Monday after Supreme Court justice Antonin Scalia (no friend of the Democratic Party) refused to hear their case, thus letting Thursday's decision of the 5th Circuit Court of Appeals to stand.

Dems want DeLay to remain on the ballot, as they believe that it will make it an easier choice for voters to reject Republican leadership at the polls, thus increasing the chances of retaking the House in November. But DeLay criticized the courts' decisions as he encouraged the Republican Party to "take any and all actions necessary to give Texas voters an up-or-down choice this fall between two major party candidates."
DeLay said the courts' decisions in the Texas case conflicted with legal rulings from 2002 when Democrats were allowed to replace New Jersey senator Robert Torricelli with former senator Frank Lautenberg on the November ballot weeks before the election. Torricelli abandoned the race amid ethics allegations.

So will DeLay's name remain on the ballot, despite his resigning from, first his leadership position, and then from Conress itself, in the wake of scandal (he's facing charges of money-laundering and has been linked to disgraced lobbyist Jack Abramoff) and changing his legal residence from Texas to Virginia? Will Joe Lieberman win his battle for the Senate?

All this excitement just makes me want to go back to my old job on Capitol Hill! I love a good politics intrigue!

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