Thursday, August 24, 2006

LA LA LA LA LA...I Can't Hear You...

I don't know who they think they are. I mean, last week they just up and declared that we have 12 planets. Now, not only are they taking away those 3 new ones but they're also taking away Pluto? So what is it? Nine planets? Twelve planets? Eight planets?

Talk about an abuse of power.

The possibilities boggle my mind. Poor Pluto. That would be extremely sad to be demoted. It's kind of like Rudolph the Rednosed Reindeer being told he's not good enough to play reindeer games. Just because Pluto is smaller (they're now saying they may be creating another category just below "planet" for "dwarf planets") they have to discriminate against it.

Where's the outrage? The horror? And what type of message are we sending to our children, that one day we can simply just demote an entire planet based entirely on its size?

Good thing I didn't get started on that book about the planets last week. I would have written in 12 planets and then I would have had to scrap 4 of them. Phew!

And what about the impact on the styrofoam ball industry? Here they thought that last week's announcement that there were 12 planets would be such a coup...more demand for supplies to make science project dioramas. But now they shockingly lose 1/3 of their market...just like that. That's gotta be a crushing blow.

But whatever...I'm just going to ignore all this crazy talk and live happily cocooned away in my own little world where all is right and there are NINE planets.

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