Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Mean Girls

What is it about the female psyche that causes us to be catty and vindictive? No, I don't mean all women, but for some reason, women have this need to tear people down much more than men do.

This theme appears in pop culture, too: Mean Girls and Heathers, to name a couple. Next month Stephanie Lessing's book, Miss Understanding, will be released from Avon. It focuses on a uber-feminist who takes over a fashion magazine and explores why women bully each other rather than encouraging one another.

It's weird. Women are our sisters, our girlfriends. Other than your spouse/partner, you tend to have a much closer relationship with your girlfriends than with your boyfriends. You girlfriends stay while the majority of your boyfriends (until you find the right one) will all leave. They're all best friends and champions, and yet, they can also be our worst enemies.

Is it any surprise that the whole THIS IS CHICK LIT/THIS IS NOT CHICK LIT debate is raging? (For those who don't know, a group of chick lit authors were releasing a book called THIS IS CHICK LIT next month but a group of "literary" women authors beat them to it and released THIS IS NOT CHICK LIT this month...just to stir the pot.)

I don't get this need to tear each other down. *sigh*

I was crying this morning because of some things that were posted about me on one of my non-writing-related boards. Whatever. I'm over it.

I forgive, but I don't forget.

The nice thing about being a writer though is you can name characters after mean people and then kill them off!

Oops...did I say that out loud?

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