Wednesday, August 23, 2006

What Would You Want to Know????

In my day-to-day life, I'm an intellectual property attorney. In my current job, I exclusively handle trademark law, but in prior positions, I've dealt mostly with copyright and internet issues.

Anyway, on Romance Divas, I've earned the nickname "Legal Diva" because I have a tendancy to jump in whenever people have copyright questions. I'm not trying to be a show-off or anything, but writers tend to have lots of questions in this area, and unfortunately other writers seem to think they know the answers and often provide bad information. So I try to help out.

As a result, several of my writing friends have suggested that I put together a workshop on basic IP law for next year's RWA nationals. The deadline to apply to give workshops is November 1, and while that's a long time from now, I know it will sneak up on me. Besides, I need a full outline and handouts when I apply, I so figure I ought to start thinking about this now.

So, in the interest of keeping me sane, I've decided to put the question out there. What would you want to know? I could easily teach a month-long course on this to law students or lawyers, but I'll only get an hour at RWA, so what do writers want to know in this area?

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