Saturday, August 12, 2006

You Either Love It or You Hate It

I'm talking about my chick lit manuscript. Not sure why, but I don't ever get any "average" scores in writing contests. I seem to get all 4's and 5's or all 1's and 2's.

Some judges seem to LOVE it and score me quite high (one of my three judges in the Jasmine said it was the best writing she'd seen in a long time, another one said she loved my voice--that it was so fun and hip and my heroines were great), while others seem to HATE it (the remaining of the three Jasmine judges absoltely ripped it to shreds, saying it was boring and she wouldn't want to read any more, my voice was harsh, and my heroines were bitter and unlikeable).

Sort of the same thing with my scores in the Sheila. Two of the three really liked it, while the third hated it.

Just goes to show, you can't please all the people all the time.

I got my Jasmine scores in the mail yesterday, obviously, and the first packet I took out was from the judge who hated it. After reading that, I was convinced that there must have been some kind of bizarre freak scoring mistake and that I didn't really final. How could I possibly, considering that this judge gave me 102 points out of a possible 236? OK, I lied. She gave me 5's in "formatting" and "is the manuscript free of grammatical errors?"

But then I pulled out the other two, and realized that they'd scored me so high that it obvioulsy balanced out the one who didn't like it.

Weird. But I guess it's good to get strong reactions. Granted, I'd rather everyone thought it was the greatest thing they'd ever read, but clearly that's not realistic.

I guess I'll just keep my fingers crossed that the final round judge falls more into the other two judges' camp.

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