Wednesday, September 27, 2006

All in the Name of Fairness...

I'll admit it. I'm addicted to "Dancing with the Stars." I used to compete in ballroom and latin dancing, so I definitely know the rules for competitions and know the syllabi of the dances.

So I'm not mad at the judges for penalizing Mario Lopez and Joey Lawrence for breaking the rules. Lifts are not allowed in competitions unless it's an open round. And you're not allowed to do open, side-by-side work in tango in the middle of the routine. Beginning and end, fine, but not in the middle.

Sure, penalize them. Go ahead. But neither of those guys deserved to be deducted 4 points by Len for their rule-breaking. Sure, deduct 2 per judge. No problem. I could agree with across-the-board 8's. But 6? That was uncalled for.

ESPECIALLY since they don't seem to apply the rules fairly. They seem to be taking this extremely hardline stance when Mario and Joey break the rules, and yet Sarah Evans (who conservative talk show hosts have been hailing as "embodying traditional American values") can break the rules and there's no repurcussions. In fact, the judges praised her very unconventional jive last night. What's up with that?

Cowboy boots in a jive?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!? There's a reason why women wear high heels for ballroom, and Sarah's performance is a prime example. It was AWFUL. She was so clunky and awkward and couldn't even point her toes (well, could you in cowboy boots?). Last season, the judges got mad at Master P when he refused to wear proper ballroom shoes, and yet they praise Sarah for clomping all over the stage in boots? The jive is a fast, upbeat, light-on-your-feet dance and she was clunky and heavy. Ugh, it was painful to watch.

So judges, why don't you try applying the rules consistently? It's fine to penalize dancers if they break the rules. However, you shouldn't penalize the better dances and let the weaker dances just slide by. That may be the way to garner ratings, but it's not the way to run a competition.

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