Wednesday, September 13, 2006

I'm Cured!!!!

Yesterday I admitted that I had a bizarre crush on Tucker Carlson. Well, I am proud to announced that as of about 8:15 or so last night, I am now cured of my crush. He was so incredibly bad at the cha-cha (and I must admit that I kind of expected him to be) that I can go back to a world in which I no longer have to feel dirty for having a crush on a man dimaterically opposed to my worldview.

I'm in fangirl love with Mario Lopez, Emmitt Smith, and Joey Lawrence now. :)

I should've known that Mario Lopez would totally kick butt last night. I mean, come on! He's A.C. Slater from Saved by the Bell--what's not to love?! (Although I must admit that I was a Zack-girl in my preteen days.) His cha-cha was abso-freakin-lutely FANTASTIC! Of course, he probably had a leg up on the other men with respect to the whole "latin lover" angle...although those dimples don't exactly make for a bad boy image.

And Emmitt Smith? Wow! I did NOT expect that! I mean, I knew the man was physically fit, but who expected him to be so light on his feet?

I knew that Joey Lawrence had started out tap dancing, but didn't realize he hadn't danced since he was 7. But he was great, too! Where did all his hair go? I keep picturing him from his "Blossom" days and now he's bald!

All in all, the men totally kicked the women's butts.

But thank goodness I'm now over my Tucker obsession. I can focus all my "new anchor crush" energy on Dr. Sanjay Gupta now.

I know reality dance shows are an obsession with me when I totally forget that yesterday was a key 9-state primary day. I totally missed watching any returns on the cable news networks! Yikes! Where was my brain?

Anyway, Lincoln Chafee's win over his primary challenger for the Senate seat in Rhode Island makes it very difficult for the Dems to retake the Senate. But the Dems's chances are still looking good in the House.

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