Friday, September 15, 2006

Just Got Back From a Lovely Lunch

One of the things I struggle with is not having many real-life friends who are writers. Sure, I have tons of blogosphere and online forum writing friends, but very few of the people I know in real life understand the "writing life." When I tell them that an agent requested a partial or a full they look at me blankly and say "Oh, that's nice."

So I'm so incredibly grateful to have this fantastic network of online buddies who "get it." I love you all!

Anyway, I just got back from lunch with Diana Peterfreund (SECRET SOCIETY GIRL, Bantam July 2006) and am happy to report that I had a fantastic time! She's so funny and down-to-earth and we had a blast! She emailed me before nationals when she saw we both lived in DC and suggested that we get together sometime (she also knows so few writers in this area).

We'll definitely have to do that again!

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