Sunday, October 15, 2006

I Think We Have a Winner...

I think Eric and I have found the complex where Eric and I want to buy a condo.

It's called The Ridgeleigh and it's 3 miles from where we work (we work like two blocks from one another, in Alexandria, VA)...unless of course the Dems retake the House in November and I decide to go back onto the Hill (my old biss has made it clear that when he takes the Chairmainship of his subcommittee that he'd love for me to come back), in which case it wouldn't be terribly convenient to my work, but well, we've got time to think of that. We're not planning to move until the summer, anyway.

This place is half a mile from a Metro stop--either a 10-15 minute walk or you can hop on the free shuttle that runs during rush hour. It's only one Metro stop away from work, or an easy 5-7 minute drive.

What we like most of all, though, is that some of the units come with attached garages (you can either enter your condo from the front door or from the garage door, which leads into the dining room. So it would have increased storage space. We haven't seen this feature for any condos...just for single family homes or townhouses. I really like this feature. :)

And the price is right.

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