Wednesday, October 11, 2006

An Interview with Karen Frontain

It's Wednesday, not Tuesday, but today I have an interview with FB editor, Karen Frontain.

Amanda: Welcome Karen. Tell us a little bit about yourself.

Karen: I’m a mom. Why does that always come out of my head first? I’m a mom. Heck, those little creatures I created watch me pound on the keyboard more often than not. Let me rephrase: I’m a mom with an obsession that chains me to a desk bearing a huge box with a glowing front face. My kids still love me despite this. So does my husband. He asks me regularly, “Why do I love you?” I say, “I don’t know,” and smile. And he smiles, and I go off to pound the keyboard some more.

I’m a writer. I guess that might mean “obsessed person”, but “I’m a mom” always comes out first. Without my family—their presence, love and support—I probably wouldn’t write.

Amanda: What do you write?

Karen: I generally write fantasy. Lately there's been a lotof erotic fantasy. Even my regular fantasy series has erotica.

The list:"The Soulstone Chronicles", available on Lulu( up to book ten in theseries. Volumes One of "The Gryphon Taint" and "Boundin Stone" are free to read pdf files. Go to myhomepage to find download sites.

Published on Erotic Dreams Zine("The Beast in Beauty". Beast is a novella available asa download on the Erotic Dreams site. It has reviews:

Beast was originally published as serial fiction insix parts. I'm working on the novel sequel, "The Mouthof the World".

Also up on Erotic Dreams, "The Pearl", another serialpublication, but on their Shades of Dreams line. "ThePearl" is about a young man with conflicting demonheritage, that of predator and prey. The predatorbloodline is killing him from within.

And coming soon on FB, "Loved Him to Death: Haru ofSachoné House", first book in a series. I justfinished the cover for that and it's up on my blog.

I learned more about covers from this one than I didwith my self-pubbed books, lol.

You can find an excerpt from my first draft of LoveHim on my blog.

And that's about it for the moment.

Amanda: How did you make the transition from writer to editor?

Karen: I self-pubbed my own work on Lulu. I had no choice but to become hyper critical, because there was no one to help me with this vast majority of this endeavour. I had to go into detail. I had to weed, and weed, and weed. I had to look at POV styles and figure what justifies the use of any of them. I had to discover why one style worked in one situation and why not in another. I had to nail down the logic of them.

I paid attention to plot holes and consistency issues and clarity. And then I went back to square one and started the edits again. Just to make sure. And I learned again. I learned every time.

I had to be the proofreader, which meant I had to know my grammar, which meant I had a big red dictionary by my elbow virtually all the time while I worked.

In one year, I gained more knowledge about editing, proofreading, marketing, book cover creation and many other publishing details than I’d known my entire life. Most of all, I learned so much about writing my writing style changed. Again.

I’m still discovering new things. Signing on with FB/WCP, helping authors with their manuscripts, has pushed the learning curve up like you wouldn’t believe. I’m very happy about that.

Amanda: What do authors do to turn you off their manuscript?

Karen: The worst? Use “as” for timing in virtually every paragraph. No one, in real life, does every action at once. Actions generally happen in an order. If an author decides to use “as” for timing, he or she had better ask these questions: Can these actions really happen simultaneously? Have I used this sort of sentence structure very recently in the manuscript, or again just later? Can’t I word this another way to give the story a better flow? Do I really want to drive discerning readers mad with slews of “as” throughout a manuscript?

It’s a disease. Cure your manuscripts.

Amanda: LOL! I hope authors are reading this and taking notes. Anyway, what genres would you like to see FB publish more of?

Karen: Don’t know that I can answer that one. I’m open to publishing all sorts of genres. I’m not into all genres, by why limit? I would like to see more science fiction submitted and published.

Amanda: What are your favorite genres to read?

Karen: Fantasy. It's always been my favourite. I'll read anything, however.

Amanda: Who are your fovoriate authors (other than the ones you work with, of course)?

Karen: LOL. Love the little proviso with that question.

Some of my favourites, that I remember at the moment: Anne McCaffrey, David Duncan, Lawrence Watt-Evans, Orson Scott Card, David Eddings, John Morressey. Wish I could remember more of them. I don't have all the books I once had, but that small list names a few that graced my shelf before many life changes separated me from my original library.

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