Wednesday, October 25, 2006

An Interview with Sarah Dobbs

This week's interview is a little late again...sorry about that. Today I'm chatting with Sarah Dobbs, author of THE PERFECT MAN, available from Freya's Bower.

Amanda: Welcome Sarah. Tell us a little bit about yourself.

Sarah: Well, I'm an eternal romantic, and I write stories about the way I wish life could be. I just recently had my heart broken by my now-ex-fiance. Thought he was the man of my dreams, but it all turned into one heck of a nightmare. There's a novel in this though! But I'll never stop looking for The Perfect Man, even though I don't actually expect him to be 'perfect'. Whether I find him or not, well, that's another story...

Amanda: I'm so sorry to hear that. How did you begin writing?

Sarah: I started writing when I was about 11, I think! I remember getting very frustrated with stories not ending the right way (ie the way I thought they should). I used to rewrite the endings, and rearrange sentences that I didn't like. Sounds a bit strange really. Then I got fed up of 'fixing' stories, and started writing my own.

Amanda: Tell us about THE PERFECT MAN.

Sarah: The Perfect Man is about an artist/waitress called Harriet who is desperately trying to find a date to go to her ex-fiance's wedding with her. She's trying to keep up appearances here! But just when she thinks all is lost, 3 very different men enter her life. There's sensitive Nicholas, sexy French artist Julian, and John, the man who is so wrong for her he might be right.

Amanda: Your book is chick lit, which I also write. Do you write in any other styles?

Sarah: I also write sf, fantasy, and have dabbled in horror. The novella I wrote for my Creative Writing MA, Drawing Alice, is more 'literary' and experimental (and proving very hard to sell!)

Amanda: Do you think the whole "the sky is falling" forecasts we've been hearing about chick lit are true?

Sarah: I do feel Chick Lit is going through a metamorphosis, and I think it's down to the thriving ebook scene. Something to be proud of there! The biggest call now seems to be for sexy, paranormal, fantasy or magical romances. Mills & Boon have recently introduced a new line to fulfill this niche. But I still think the easy-breezy reads that Chick Lit is known for are still required. To keep up, they just need to cater for an intelligent, sassy reader.

Amanda: What are your favorite genres to read?

Sarah: Lately, I'm loving things without much of a genre tag, but that have an interesting and creative writing style. I like intimate, personal stories told in the first person, where you really feel you're getting inside a character's head. I really loved Electricity by Ray Robinson, about a girl living with Epilepsy.

Amanda: If you had to get rid of all the books on your shelf except for one author, whose books would you keep around?

Sarah: Ooo, good one. I would keep Electricity by Ray Robinson. It reminds me of all the things I want to achieve in my writing, one day!

Amanda: What are you reading right now?

Sarah: I'm reading The Bell Jar by Sylvia Plath. I've heard about this novel for years, and I hate reading things just because people say, What, you've never read it? You have to read it! But it's fabulous. I'm so surprised it was written in the 60s as it's seems so current. Either that, or literature just hasn't moved on!

Amanda: That was a great book. What are you working on right now?

Sarah: I just got an email from a producer from the BBC, asking if I'd like to submit something to be considered for one of their radio shows next year. So I'm in the midst of reworking a story for that. I'm currently redrafting The Cavellini Curse, a novel for Aphrodite Unlaced which is long overdue, but I'm finally getting to grips with it!

Amanda: Wow, sounds like you'll be very busy, and that some great things are happening!

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