Wednesday, October 18, 2006

An Interview with Wild Child and Freya's Bower Editor-in-Chief, Marci Baun

Sorry this is a day late. :( I've just been super busy this week at work.

Amanda: Welcome Marci. Tell us a little bit about yourself.

Marci: What do you want to know? LOL I am a stay-at-home mom who happens to run two epublishing houses. Because I don’t feel that I have enough to do between a toddler and publishing, I also am the editor-in-chief of Wild Child Magazine.

Amanda: Phew! Talk about busy!

Marci: I love to swim, am addicted to email and the Internet,and am not fond of house cleaning. (I do it, but I’mnot fond of it. LOL) My interests are vast andencompass, but are not limited to, all periods ofhistory (except perhaps WWII or the Vietnam War),opera, theater, hiking, documentaries, the paranormal,and current world events.

Amanda: How did Wild Child Magazine begin?

Marci: In September of 1999, in an apartment between two roommates who saw a need on the Internet. The ironic aspect of this is that, originally, my roommate at the time wanted to start an erotic site, but I wasn't keen on erotica. So, I talked him into doing an online literary magazine. We've been online ever since.

Seven years later, I publish erotica and romance. I have always loved romance, but my view of erotica coincided with how the average person sees it. I have since been re-educated.

Amanda: How did Freya's Bower get it's start?

Marci: I have always been an avid reader of romance and hated the euphemisms used in the sex scenes. Whenever an author referred to a man's genital's as "his mighty sword" or "his shaft," it ruined the scene for me. I'd start laughing or wince, depending on my mood. (Personally, neither sounds too sensual to me. LOL)

Amanda: Ugh, I know what you mean. That stuff drives me crazy.

Marci: Near the beginning of last year, the editors of Wild Child Publishing began discussing with me about the possibility of opening an erotica subsidiary to WCP. I was still opposed to it, but they kept pushing, insisting that my views were antiquated and downright wrong. With some gentle prodding from my editors, and some research on my part about erotica and what it really way, I came to realize they were right. Like romance, erotica had received a bad rap. Now, I prefer erotica over romance if there are going to be sex scenes in a book. Oh, I enjoy a sweet romance with sex scenes behind closed doors, but if I read a traditional romance, I skim the euphemistic sex scenes, looking for the end.

Amanda: What attracted you to epublishing?

Marci: The freedom of it, the lower costs of production, the ability to offer higher royalits to the authors, and to publish more books. That being said, WCP, as will FB, is going to publish selected manuscripts in paperback.

Amanda: What do writers do whwn submitting that immediately turns you off their manuscript.

Marci: When it's obvious that they haven't read the submission guidelines.

Amanda: What genres would you live to see both WCP and FB publish more of?

Marci: I'd live to see more historical manuscripts for both WCP and FB and would like to see straight romance at WCP.

Amanda: The Dreams and Desires charity anthology looks fantastic. How did this project come about?

Marci: One of our editors suggested we do a charity anthology. As Faith, my managing editor, and I began to discuss it, we thought it was a fantastic idea.

Amanda: Why was a battered women's shelter picked as the charity?

Marci: Having the anthology benefit a battered women's shelter was a natural for us, as Faith has had personal expeirence with being a battered woman, and I have always been a bit of a feminist and have been very supportive of battered women's shetlers, donating clothes, toys, etc., to them for their use or sale. Most people have experienced domestic violence, whether personally or know of someone who has. Helping one woman escape the violence will change the lives of many people, making this world safer, happier, and a better place to live.

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