Monday, October 30, 2006

My Vote Finally Matters!

After years of living in states where my vote made zero difference on the outcome of the election, I'm so happy that I'm finally in a legitimate battleground state this year!

The first major election I ever voted in was the 1996 elections. I voted absentee in NJ (I was in NC). That was kind of stupid, though, because it wasn't like NJ was in any danger of falling to Dole.

Then in 1998, I changed my registration to NC so that I could actually vote in a hotly contested election. (OK, I'm wrong...this isn't the first time...just the first time in 8 years.) I voted for John Edwards, and he became a first-term Senator (and then stepped down to run for Pres, and later VP).

In 2000, my voter registration was Virginia. I knew it wouldn't make a difference in the presidential election (this state was solidly red back then), but I thought perhaps I can help keep Senator Robb in office. I didn't...George Allen got voted in. :(

In 2002, I lived in Arizona. Pretty heavily Republican district, too.

In 2004, I was back in Virginia. Again, alas, my vote wasn't going to make any difference whatsoever. Bush was going to take this state, no matter what.

But then, in 2005, the tide seemed to turn somewhat in this great Commonwealth. Virginians voted for their second straight Democratic governor. Could the state be turning purple? Maybe even a bluish purple?

Maybe so. Because it's 2006, and despite the fact that everyone thought George Allen would win in a landslide (and he was even expected to be the frontrunner for the presidential nomination in his party), former Navy secretary Jim Webb is fighting back.

The most recent polls are a virtual dead heat, with Allen favored by 48% of likely voters and Webb by 47%. That's WELL within the margin of error.

So my vote matters this year. Hell yeah, it matters.

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