Thursday, October 19, 2006

Requests and Rejections

Two nights in a row, when I've come home from work, I've found thin envelopes from agents. Both nights, DH handed the envelope to me and said "Sorry." We all know what a think envelope (particularly getting your own SASE back) means, right?

Well, Tues night (I think it was Tuesday anyway...maybe it was Monday, I lose track of days) that's exactly what it was. I got an R from the agent who I'd formally pitched in Atlanta (I pitched lots of agents informally, but this was the one who I had an appointment with) with my chick lit. And although it was an R, it was a very positive R. It was distinctly obvious that not only had she read it, but she thought carefully about it. She wrote very personal comments (extremely HELPFUL comments, too!) and indicated that she actually really liked my voice and would be very happy to take a look at future projects.

So that was good, even if it was an R.

Last night, I got a thin envelope again. This time, it wasn't a SASE. It was in the agent's envelope (I queried by email). So imagine my surprise when I discovered that the agent was asking for the full of the YA!

I'm sending it out tomorrow. I think this will make 5 agents who will have the full. I'm getting nervous, but in a good way!

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