Tuesday, October 24, 2006

What's in a Name?

If you write in more than one genre, do you use more than one pen name? I'm beginning to think I probably should.

Amanda Brice is my pen name. It's my real middle name and my hubby's real middle name (yes, my Asian husband has a way more WASPy middle name than I do...I keep telling him that he needs to go meet Buffy and Biff at the club to play tennis...).

I like it, but so far I've used it for my adult chick lit. Mind you, none of my adult stuff is terribly racy or erotic, but I do use some stronger language and I make a lot of allusions to sex (although most, if not all, the sex is actually off-screen).

But I'm also writing YA stuff. In fact, the book that's landed me an agent straddles the line between middle grade and YA (the elusive preteen range). So I'm beginning to think I need a new pen name.

Wanna help me choose it?

Here are the options:

Mandy Bryce
Mandy Blake
Mandy Marshall
Heather Holmes
Heather San Miguel
Heather Chen

Something else?

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