Thursday, November 30, 2006

Just Fell on My Ass

We have this broken chair in our apartment that I absolutely need to get rid of. It's ridiculous. The soldering of the metal legs just completely came apart and the chair has gone from wobbly to dangerous.

Anyway, we discovered this during Thanskgiving, but I promptly forgot about it. To be honest, I think my husband had gotten rid of it.


About 5 minutes ago, I discovered that it's still in our apartment. How? Well, I was putting up the Christmas tree and sat back to rest for a moment, only the chair totally gave out from under me.


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Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Trust Your Instincts

My mom finally got around to clearing out my old childhood room, a mere 11 1/2 years after I left home. When she and my dad came down here to visit me and DH for Thanskgiving, they brought me "stuff" that they thought I might want (and cluttered up my already teeny tiny apartment in the process).

Amongst the "stuff" she brought was a folder of stories I'd written when I was a kid, well, at least the ones she could find. Apparently she could only find my complete oeuvre from the 1987-1988 school year (5th grade). So she and I spent an hour or so (while the boys were at the hockey game) reading my old stories.

My oh my. Some were, well, um, let's just say I had a very odd imagination and a rather strong proclivity for Ray Bradbury-esque stories, or as Bradbury-esque as you can be at age 10 1/2. I also hadn't exactly mastered the concept of motivation and used a lot of unnecessary and redundant dialogue tags, although I must say I was impressed with my usage of action tags at such a young age.

Most of the stories were strange and not terribly interesting, but the one story that was actually pretty good was a Nancy Drew clone (my heroine was Nancy Flew and her boyfriend was Ted Tickleson--but I made up my own plot).

Of course, my grown-up intellectual property attorney self is horrified by the unauthorized derivative work I created and warning bells in my head are dinging "Infringement! Infringement!" But hey, I was just doing fan fiction before I knew what it was.

I also found it quite amusing that I used to be my own publisher and print my own "books." I created this publishing company that I used to "publish" each of my books. And the books all included a rather extensive copyright page...kinda prophetic, considering my current career. No wonder I went into IP!

Maybe I should have trusted my instincts with that. Because fast forward to today, and the manuscript that landed me an agent is a preteen mystery. Not my chick lit. My mystery.

I could have saved myself a lot of headache and effort if I'd just stuck to what I did best, apparently. Of course, I have only the foggiest recollection of having written this story, but I know it's mine because it's my handwriting (oh yes, I wrote them all in longhand and in fact, I dated each entry, and there are several days when I only wrote 2 lines of text). Maybe if I'd continued to write Nancy Flew stories I would have realized much earlier that preteen romantic mystery is what I do best...

Anyway, I just thought that was funny.

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Tuesday, November 28, 2006

As many of you know, Freya's Bower will be releasing its first charity anthology on February 1, 2007 to benefit a battered woman's shelter in Florida.

The anthology is now some 85,000 words in stories. Most of the stories are sweet romance, although we do have a few tangy, spicy, and sizzling.

Although it is not officially released, Barnes & Noble already has it listed on their site in both paperback and hard cover form. Advance sales are being taken now at B&N, and it will be available for sale on February 28. It will also be offered in print and ebook format at Freya's Bower. It will be available for purchase through FB on February 1st. Advance sales will be taken come December 15th.

The collection is for a really good cause, so be sure to pick a copy up when it's released. Nobody involved with the project is making a single dime off this project--all net proceeds are going to charity.

The stories are as follows:

* Forest for the Trees by Jenna Bayley-Burke
(sweet; contemporary)
* Song Without Words by Faith Bicknell-Brown
(sweet; contemporary)
* Love @ First Site by Amanda Brice
(sweet; chick lit/romantic comedy)
* The Christmas Prize by Sela Carsen
(sweet; contemporary)
* Romance for One by Rachelle Chase
(spicy; contemporary)
* Dying of the Light by H.A. Fowler
(tangy; vampire)
* Confessions of a Bombshell Bandit by Gemma Halliday
(sweet; chick lit)
* The Velvet Mask by Candace Havens
(sweet; contemporary)
* Road of Misgivings by Zinnia Hope
(sweet; contemporary)
* To the Core by Jackie Kessler
(tangy; paranormal)
* Taking the Alleys by Susan Lyons
(sweet; contemporary)
* Brushstrokes by Richelle Mead
(tangy; historical paranormal)
* Red's Merry Mischief by Debbie Mumford
(sweet; fantasy)
* Baring it All For Mr. Right by Rhonda Stapleton
(sweet; chick lit/romantic comedy)
* The Wedding Policy by Bebe Thomas
(sweet; contemporary/historical)
* Blood and Feathers by Emily Veinglory
(spicy; paranormal/male-male)
* The Mirror by Sasha White
(sizzling; contemporary)
* The Reluctant Bridesmaid by Lois Winston
(sweet; chick lit/romantic comedy)
* The Forge: Jezren Dark Sky by Shaunna Wolf
(sweet; fantasy/sci-fi)
* Secret Valentines by Kit Wylde
(sweet; contemporary)

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Monday, November 27, 2006

Black Friday and Cyber Monday

So, who went shopping this weekend? Were you one of those insane people who actually braved the mall on Friday? Wow, more power to you. I hope you got some good deals!

I ended up going shopping yesterday and it was great, because there weren't too many people there, so no crowds at all. Plus, I went to the mall that's within walking distance of my apartment, so I didn't need to deal with parking, either. Just went to Macy's. Spent $168 and got 8 items, so I think I did fabulously! I'm wearing one of my purchases today, actually. Everything I bought are presents...half of them are for me, though.

So apparently today is Cyber Monday. Although I wonder if that moniker is still relevant. It used to be that people would do their online shopping the Monday after Thanksgiving, when they got back to their office. But so many people have Internet access at home now, so I wonder if the former trends still hold. Although I admit that I'm more likely to do online shopping or online bill payment at work than at home. At home, we're on a wireless system, and I'm sure I'mn just being paranoid, but for some reason, I don't consider wireless routers to have the same kind of security as IT here at work.

Anyway, what about you...will you be doing more in-person shopping or more online shopping this year?

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Friday, November 24, 2006

I Love Leftovers...

Happy Black Friday! Did everyone have a nice Thanksgiving? I did. My parents came down here and stayed at our apartment. My dad went to the Capitals game with my husband Wed night, and my mom went out with me for tapas. Then yesterday, for the big meal, we ordered a "Holiday Essentials" banquet from Boston Market. It was really good, and a great deal. I made a pecan pie and a baked brie and my mom made a pumpkin chocolate cheesecake and green bean casserole to supplement our takeout.

Anyway, like most other Americans, we have tons of leftovers today. What are you doing with yours? My dad boiled the turkey carcass last night and we made soup. I froze one of the batches of soup stock, so I'll have more in about a month from now, but that's dinner for us tonight. We had a really late lunch at a Mexican place this afternoon (after a trip to the National Gallery to see the Rembrandt, Constable, and Matisse exhibits), so we won't be having a huge dinner tonight. My husband and I will probably have Thanksgiving dinner leftovers tomorrow after my parents have gone home.

Anyway, we made the soup and it smells delicious, but that's about it. I probably won't be making the leftovers into other dishes, just because I'm too lazy. I'm perfectly content to make "Thanksgiving sandwiches" for the next few days.

What about you?

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Tuesday, November 21, 2006

When's Too Early?

When is it too early to begin playing holiday music? I'm currently listening to a Tchaikovsky CD with music from Swan Lake, Sleeping Beauty, and The Nutcracker. Actually, most of the CD is NOT holiday-related.

But my coworker just came in and chastised me for listening to Christmas music too early. She says the rules are the same as with trees--day after Thanksgiving. In other words, I need to wait until Friday to play Nutcracker (guess I need to skip over those tracks).

What do you think? Is it too early to play Christmas music? And do you really consider The Nutcracker to be "real Christmas music." I mean, sure, a Christmas party was the setting of the ballet, but are giant fighting mice and magical nutcrackers really all that associated with the birth of Christ? (Let's save the commercialization of Christmas arguments for a different day, however.)

Personally, while I don't think it's appropriate to tell someone who you know isn't Christian "Merry Christmas" (or even someone who you don't know what they celebrate--I'm much more comfortable with a nice, neutral "Happy Holidays"), for whatever reason, I just don't consider The Nutcracker to be necessarily a *Christmas ballet* as opposed to a ballet that's traditionally performed around the holiday season.

Anyway, that's my rant. It's MY office, I can play whatever music I want. And today I want to play The Nutcracker. Of course, this isn't terribly conducive to productivity, as I'm running through choreography in my mind and keep wanting to get up and dance.

Hmmm...maybe I should dig some other CD out instead.

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Saturday, November 18, 2006

Celebrity Weddings

So, is everyone ready for the freak show, er, I mean, Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes' wedding?
Unfortunately, the mail must be having problems, because I haven't yet received my invitation and I'm more than just a little annoyed about that.

Just can't wait for the first Access Hollywood after that one.

So, how long do we expect this marriage to last?

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Thursday, November 16, 2006

Confessions of a Serial Bitch : Hadley

Hadley Scott has spent the last four years living with a selfish, money-hungry, pain-in-the-ass husband and all she wants now is for their divorce to be final. Glen, Mr. Pain-in-the-Ass himself, has other ideas. He may not love Hadley, but he does love her family's money. Hadley decides she's not going to take his crap anymore and she sets out to get her divorce no matter what it takes.

Coming to Freya's Bower ( November 21st, 2006

For more about the author visit her website KimberlyHoltWhitlock.Com (

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Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Have You Entered the Golden Heart Yet?

Just a reminder...the deadline to enter the Golden Heart is tomorrow, November 15. Entry forms and fees (although not your manuscript) must be received in RWA's office by then, so at this point, your only real option is online entry.

The Golden Heart is RWA's most prestigious writing contest for unpublished authors. By "unpublished," they mean "unpublished in novel-length fiction by an RWA-approved publisher." In other words, if you're published by most small presses or e-publishing houses (with the exception of Ellora's Cave/Cerridwen Press or Triskelion), then you're still eligible for the Golden Heart.

Winning or finaling in the Golden Heart has been known to open many doors for writers. Past winners and finalists have gone on to sell their winning manuscript or even a different one, and many past winners are now multiple Rita winners.

Just like any contest, it's a real crap shoot, and maybe even moreso than other contests, if for no other reason than the sheer volume of the numbers. You can have 2 judges who score you perfectly or near-perfectly, but then one judge who hates it, or who just scores it averagely, and that can keep you from finaling. But that's life. Not everyone will always love your work all the time.

Don't enter for feedback only--you won't get any. All you get are numerical scores, with no comments. If you want feedback, enter one of the many local RWA contests, many of which provide excellent feedback. But if you've been around the contest circuit, your manuscript has been vetted and read, and you think it's ready, give it a shot!

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Monday, November 13, 2006

Good News Monday

Got any good news to share? It can be anything at all. Ciar Cullen has started a new feature on her blog, to share good news every Monday. Check it out at

My good news is that my agent was in NYC last week for meeting with editors and apparently it went really well. :) I won't know the full details until the conference call tomorrow, but I've been told I should be happy. No, it's not a sale...she was pitching. :)

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Friday, November 10, 2006

An Interview with FB author Aurelia Abbott

Amanda: Tell us something about yourself.

Aurelia: Aurelia Abbott is actually a pen name. My great grandmother's name was Aurelia and I've always loved it. When discussing child names with my husband, I suggested Aurelia (which he quickly vetoed). He told me it sounded like a romance writer and ta da -- a romance writer was born!

Amanda: Too funny! How did you begin writing?

Aurelia: I've always written stories. It was a good way to entertain myself and my friends in grade school. After an extended absence from writing, I started again in 1999 and haven't looked back.

Amanda: What genres do you like to write? to read?

Aurelia: I enjoy writing paranormal (aliens, witches, sci-fi, vampires, etc.). I love to read the same genre though I do enjoy a good Regency or historical now and again.

Amanda: What author has inspired you the most?

Aurelia: Hmm...that's a tough one. I think I'm inspired by all of the up and coming writers I've met through Romance Divas. Some of them work so darn hard! To have that kind of instant support is really encouraging.

Amanda: I love RD, too! It's such a great network. What do you like most about working with small presses like Freya's Bower?

Aurelia: I'm working on a ton of things for November but I really hope to finish my demon urban fantasy novella soon. I'm also working on a sequel to my vampire short story available with Mardi Gras Publishing, and a futuristic novella. The rest are just characters talking in my head!

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Wednesday, November 08, 2006

It's Been a Crazy 24 Hours

Seriously. This time last night, I was flipping back and forth between Dancing with the Stars and CNN. And believe me, it was a close contest as to which one was keeping my attention more!

I'm not going to discuss the election results, because quite frankly, it's been done to death on way more impressive blogs than mine. Suffice it to say that I'm elated!

So let's discuss DTWS. For the first time ever, it ended in a dead tie, with all three competitors receiving a perfect score (three perfect tens) and a near-perfect score (a 29). How fitting is it that the public's votes count more than ever on the very night that Americans proved how important the democratic process is?

Who's moving on? They're about to announce the results! I'm biting whatever nails are left after last night!

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Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Have you voted yet?

I apologize to my Canadian, Australian, and UK readers. You can tune out now.

No, I don't want to know who you voted for (unless you really, really feel like sharing...I think it's pretty obvious who I didn't vote for here in Virginia). But I really hope you've either voted, or will be voting later today.

It's a priviledge and a responsibility not to be taken lightly. In countries all over the world, millions line up for days for the right to cast a vote after living in tyranny for years. Yet, in the US, we seem to forget that and take our right to vote for granted. For crying out loud, more Americans voted in the American Idol finals than in the last election. That's pretty darn pathetic for the greatest democracry in the world.

So, go vote, if you haven't. It's 45 minutes or so out of your life. No biggie. And yet it can really make such a difference.

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Monday, November 06, 2006

I've Been Tagged...Again!

That's OK, because it means I don't have to think of anything to write in here today. Of course, it means I have to come up with another 5 interesting things about myself. Grrr...I won't redo any, so this might be hard.

1. I spent 7 weeks of my junior year of college living in a tent outside of Cameron Indoor Stadium for the honor of seeing the Duke/Carolina game in person. That may sound nutso to most people, but to us, it was just par for the course. Tenting is fun! It adds to the college experience. Even if you don't officially tent, you end up spending the bulk of your free time that last weekend anyway down at K-ville (since that's where all the parties move to that weekend), so you might as well get a game out of it too. Sadly, despite my 7 weeks of tenting, we lost to Carolina (again!) that year. *sigh* But we beat 'em the next year, and most years since. I tented out for all Duke/Carolina games and for several other games, but none were as long as my junior year.

2. My Duke basketball obsession continues to this day. In fact, I got married the night of the Duke/Carolina game. I figured I was OK, picking March 6 (despite swearing I would never get married from November to April), because the ACC tourney didn't start until the next weekend, and EVERYONE knows that the second Duke/Carolina game of the year is ALWAYS on a Sunday afternoon. D'oh! They changed it that year, and the game began at 9pm EST...since I got married in Arizona, that meant that tip-off occured just as my reception was beginning. So I scheduled out my first dance I could watch tip-off in the hotel bar, then hightailed it back to the ballroom for my first dance, then ran back to watch the game while everyone was eating their salad. My hubby found me, with an annoyed expression on his face, and grumbled that I needed to get back to the reception because they were about to serve dinner and everyone was getting hungry. I said, "Oh, they can go ahead and serve it." He said, "No, they can't. You're the bride. You *have* to be in there." I didn't go back to the hotel bar to watch the game for the rest of the night, but we'd already gotten pictures taken of me in my wedding dress, with the game on in the background. They appeared on the next week!

3. My parents put me into dance classes when I was 3-years-old because apparently everytime the Coke commercial came on, I would jump up and start dancing.

4. I was the victim of online stalking and harrassment because of wedding pictures I'd posted in my "bio" on The Knot. So I got well-versed in the various online harrassment laws.

5. I love traveling, and have been to the following foreign countries: Canada (Vancouver, Victoria, Quebec, Montreal, Nova Scotia, Prince Rupert), Mexico (Rocky Point, Cozumel, Cancun), France (Paris, Nice, Marseilles, Normandy, the Loire Valley, the Champagne region, Chamonix), Switzerland (Geneva, Lausanne), Italy (Rome, Florence, Tuscanny, Venice, the Veneto region, Milan), Monaco, Spain (Madrid, Barcelona, Sevilla, San Sebastien, the La Rioja region), Belize, and Honduras (Isla Roatan). I'll be going to Costa Rica this coming May.

OK, so now I get to tag 5 more people. Hmmm...let's see...I want to hear from Kelly Vitollo, Tempest Knight, Karen Steele, Faith Bicknell-Brown, and Lyric James. Sorry if you've already been tagged by someone else. I had to do it again...

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Friday, November 03, 2006

An Interview with Dorchester author, Gemma Halliday

Because it's NaNo time and I'm too lazy to think of cool things to put in my blog, I decided to switch things up and am doing another interview today. You're in for a's my fabulous friend, Gemma Halliday. Her equally fabulous debut novel, SPYING IN HIGH HEELS, was released in August, and the sequel will be out in March.

You can read more about Gemma on her website at

Amanda: Welcome Gemma! Tell us all a little bit about yourself.

Gemma: Hi Amanda! Thanks for having me.

Well, currently, I'm writing a romantic mystery series, the High Heels Mysteries, for Dorchester's Making It imprint, which I'm honestlyhaving a blast with. It's a chick lit, romance, mystery, comedy, suspense hybrid. (Wow say that five times fast!) I've been really lucky that the first book, Spying In High Heels, has been received so well, and I'm contracted to do three more in the series.

Amanda: Yay! I can't wait for the rest! You've had a very eclectic career history, between actress, preschool teacher, and 900-number psychic. How did you begin writing?

Gemma: Some days I swear it feels like I get nothing done. I actually decided to start writing when I was reading a really bad book that was just chocked full of every romance cliché you could think of. I found myself laughing (and, no, it was not a comedy) and thinking, "Well, heck, I can do better than that."

Yeah. Little did I know then just how hard it was to write a full book – let alone a good one!

Amanda: Well, you've definitely succeeded in that. How did winning the Golden Heart change your life?

Gemma: It definitely got my name out there. And I think even just being a finalist gave my writing that much more validity in the eyes of agents and editors. I had pitched my manuscript to my now-editor at the RWA conference in Reno, and I'm pretty sure that winning the Golden Heart with the same manuscript the next night didn't hurt her opinion of it any. :)

Amanda: Yeah, probably not. LOL! I absolutely loved SPYING IN HIGH HEELS. Maddie is such a great character. How did you come up with this idea?

Gemma: Thanks so much! I have a lot of fun with Maddie, too. And it was really easy coming up with the idea for her character. She's me. Lol!

Okay, me to an extreme level. A lot of what she says and does are just things that I would say or do, but highly exaggerated. No, I've never stumbled across a dead body (yet!), but whenever I'm stuck in a scene with her, I just step back and say, okay, what would I do. And Maddie naturally comes out.

Amanda: Any teasers for KILLER IN HIGH HEELS?

Gemma: KILLER picks things up right where SPYING left off. In this one, Maddie and her friends leave the glamour of L.A. for glitzy Las Vegas, where Maddie is on a hunt to find her biological father. While there, she gets tangled up with a shoe smuggling ring, a group of aging drag queens, mobsters, tabloids, and, of course, a dead body or two. A lot of the wacky characters in Maddie's life are back again in this book, including Mr. Hot Stuff himself, Ramirez.

Amanda: Oh yes, he definitely is hot! You have a short story in Freya's Bower's upcoming Dreams and Desires anthology to raise money for domestic violence victims. Care to share what the story is about?

Gemma: The story is called "Confessions of a Bombshell Bandit" and centers around Carrie Cabot, who gets fired, robbed and evicted all in one day. But, instead of laying down and taking it, Carrie decides to geteven and, along with her best friends, hatches a plan to become a bankrobber. But of course, even the best laid plans have their glitches…

I have a book trailer in the works for this story, so watch for it appearing on my website soon!

Amanda: Sounds great! Do you believe all the hype about how chick lit is dead as a genre?

Gemma: I think that chick lit as a genre isn't growing by the huge leaps and bounds that it once was. It may have expanded too fast, flooding the market, and we're now seeing the backlash of that. But, what chicklit that is being published is still selling very well. Look at the success of The Devil Wears Prada. This is the single girl in the citywith the ogre boss and crappy love life story that typifies chick lit. Not only has the book had phenomenal success, but the movie has also recently done very well. So, I personally find it hard to believe that people don't want to read this kind of story anymore.

Amanda: I agree. I love these stories, as do most of my friends. I hope you're right! OK, a spin on the famous desert island question. If you had to get rid of all the books on your shelf except for one author, whose works would you keep around?

Gemma: Oh wow. Tough question. Well, I'm a huge Janet Evanovich fan, andhave read all of her books at least twice. (Okay, I admit it. Someof them I'm on the fourth or fifth time through.) So, I think I'dhave to pick her.

Amanda: An excellent answer from a chick lit mystery writer! :) And I agree, her books are fabulous.

Anyway, thanks for stopping by, Gemma. I know we'll be hearing more great stuff about your books!

If you'd like to buy Gemma's SPYING IN HIGH HEELS:

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Thursday, November 02, 2006

What's That Smell?

Ahh, early November...the crackle of leaves under your feet, the gusts of wind knocking you over as you walk to work, the campaign workers shoving fliers in your face, the 20-and-30-somethings dressed up for Halloween as unemployed Republican staffers...the traditional wrappings of fall.

What is that smell in the air? Could it be...desperation?

If you're a regular reader of this blog, you probably already know I'm a devout politics junkie. I admit it. I LOVE attack ads. Sick, huh? I seriously LIVE for this time of year.

I love attack ads, because I find them hi-lar-ious, particularly when they come from an incumbent who was expected not only to breeze through the current election, but whose handlers were already looking ahead to the 2008 Presidential race. When said-incumbent starts airing commercials as early as JUNE (and he wasn't even in a primary), it signals that he thinks he might need some extra help.

And when his commercials turn vicious, it signals that he knows he's in trouble.

Ahh, political season. How I do love you.

The new technique these days seems to be micro-targeting, which allows both parties to mine consumer data to determine your political behavior.

Prefer Dr. Pepper over Sprite? You're more likely to vote Republican.
Have a weekly subscription to TV Guide? You're more likely to vote Democratic.
Watch US Open tennis? You're probably a Dem.
Drive an Audi? You're probably a Repub.

I wonder what my consumer habits tell people. I subscribe to both ESPN magazine and Sprts Illustrated (no seriously, the subscriptions are in MY name, not my hubby's), and I frequent and college basketball chatrooms.

No wonder I get all that spam for penis implants. They think I'm a man!

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Wednesday, November 01, 2006

I've Got an Agent...

I almost typed "I've Got Agents," but really, that's true. :) By signing with my agent, I actually get all three of the agents in the agency.

I was fortunate to have several agents, some of whom could legitimately be considered "superagents," reading my full after I told them I already had an offer on the table. But in the end, I decided to go with the agent who'd called me last Monday and made that initial offer.

That agent is Kelly Ferrara of Book Cents Literary Agency! This is a brand new agency, and I'm one of their first fiction clients (they have sales in non-fiction and currently have a couple of bidding wars going on for two of their fiction clients), along with Kari Townsend (

Why Book Cents? Well, despite only being in business for just over 1 month, this agency is super organized and incredibly enthusiastic. They really have their act together and are HUNGRY. And they've spent the time making contacts on the ground with dedicated networking for over 3 years before they opened their doors. Kelly has over 20 years' experience in PR and marketing, including extensive experience with publishers while she worked in television. Even though they're a new agency, what got me was their creative ideas and their enthusiasm, which was contagious! They actually got me even more excited about my book than I already was. I've chatted with both Kelly and Christine, and I really feel like I clicked with them. They "get" my book, and they love it, and that's half the battle!

They'll be sending out my book immediately and will be in NYC next week to talk me up!

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