Monday, November 27, 2006

Black Friday and Cyber Monday

So, who went shopping this weekend? Were you one of those insane people who actually braved the mall on Friday? Wow, more power to you. I hope you got some good deals!

I ended up going shopping yesterday and it was great, because there weren't too many people there, so no crowds at all. Plus, I went to the mall that's within walking distance of my apartment, so I didn't need to deal with parking, either. Just went to Macy's. Spent $168 and got 8 items, so I think I did fabulously! I'm wearing one of my purchases today, actually. Everything I bought are presents...half of them are for me, though.

So apparently today is Cyber Monday. Although I wonder if that moniker is still relevant. It used to be that people would do their online shopping the Monday after Thanksgiving, when they got back to their office. But so many people have Internet access at home now, so I wonder if the former trends still hold. Although I admit that I'm more likely to do online shopping or online bill payment at work than at home. At home, we're on a wireless system, and I'm sure I'mn just being paranoid, but for some reason, I don't consider wireless routers to have the same kind of security as IT here at work.

Anyway, what about you...will you be doing more in-person shopping or more online shopping this year?

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