Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Have You Entered the Golden Heart Yet?

Just a reminder...the deadline to enter the Golden Heart is tomorrow, November 15. Entry forms and fees (although not your manuscript) must be received in RWA's office by then, so at this point, your only real option is online entry.

The Golden Heart is RWA's most prestigious writing contest for unpublished authors. By "unpublished," they mean "unpublished in novel-length fiction by an RWA-approved publisher." In other words, if you're published by most small presses or e-publishing houses (with the exception of Ellora's Cave/Cerridwen Press or Triskelion), then you're still eligible for the Golden Heart.

Winning or finaling in the Golden Heart has been known to open many doors for writers. Past winners and finalists have gone on to sell their winning manuscript or even a different one, and many past winners are now multiple Rita winners.

Just like any contest, it's a real crap shoot, and maybe even moreso than other contests, if for no other reason than the sheer volume of the numbers. You can have 2 judges who score you perfectly or near-perfectly, but then one judge who hates it, or who just scores it averagely, and that can keep you from finaling. But that's life. Not everyone will always love your work all the time.

Don't enter for feedback only--you won't get any. All you get are numerical scores, with no comments. If you want feedback, enter one of the many local RWA contests, many of which provide excellent feedback. But if you've been around the contest circuit, your manuscript has been vetted and read, and you think it's ready, give it a shot!

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