Monday, November 06, 2006

I've Been Tagged...Again!

That's OK, because it means I don't have to think of anything to write in here today. Of course, it means I have to come up with another 5 interesting things about myself. Grrr...I won't redo any, so this might be hard.

1. I spent 7 weeks of my junior year of college living in a tent outside of Cameron Indoor Stadium for the honor of seeing the Duke/Carolina game in person. That may sound nutso to most people, but to us, it was just par for the course. Tenting is fun! It adds to the college experience. Even if you don't officially tent, you end up spending the bulk of your free time that last weekend anyway down at K-ville (since that's where all the parties move to that weekend), so you might as well get a game out of it too. Sadly, despite my 7 weeks of tenting, we lost to Carolina (again!) that year. *sigh* But we beat 'em the next year, and most years since. I tented out for all Duke/Carolina games and for several other games, but none were as long as my junior year.

2. My Duke basketball obsession continues to this day. In fact, I got married the night of the Duke/Carolina game. I figured I was OK, picking March 6 (despite swearing I would never get married from November to April), because the ACC tourney didn't start until the next weekend, and EVERYONE knows that the second Duke/Carolina game of the year is ALWAYS on a Sunday afternoon. D'oh! They changed it that year, and the game began at 9pm EST...since I got married in Arizona, that meant that tip-off occured just as my reception was beginning. So I scheduled out my first dance I could watch tip-off in the hotel bar, then hightailed it back to the ballroom for my first dance, then ran back to watch the game while everyone was eating their salad. My hubby found me, with an annoyed expression on his face, and grumbled that I needed to get back to the reception because they were about to serve dinner and everyone was getting hungry. I said, "Oh, they can go ahead and serve it." He said, "No, they can't. You're the bride. You *have* to be in there." I didn't go back to the hotel bar to watch the game for the rest of the night, but we'd already gotten pictures taken of me in my wedding dress, with the game on in the background. They appeared on the next week!

3. My parents put me into dance classes when I was 3-years-old because apparently everytime the Coke commercial came on, I would jump up and start dancing.

4. I was the victim of online stalking and harrassment because of wedding pictures I'd posted in my "bio" on The Knot. So I got well-versed in the various online harrassment laws.

5. I love traveling, and have been to the following foreign countries: Canada (Vancouver, Victoria, Quebec, Montreal, Nova Scotia, Prince Rupert), Mexico (Rocky Point, Cozumel, Cancun), France (Paris, Nice, Marseilles, Normandy, the Loire Valley, the Champagne region, Chamonix), Switzerland (Geneva, Lausanne), Italy (Rome, Florence, Tuscanny, Venice, the Veneto region, Milan), Monaco, Spain (Madrid, Barcelona, Sevilla, San Sebastien, the La Rioja region), Belize, and Honduras (Isla Roatan). I'll be going to Costa Rica this coming May.

OK, so now I get to tag 5 more people. Hmmm...let's see...I want to hear from Kelly Vitollo, Tempest Knight, Karen Steele, Faith Bicknell-Brown, and Lyric James. Sorry if you've already been tagged by someone else. I had to do it again...

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