Friday, January 26, 2007

A Conversation with Emily Veinglory

Today's interview is with Emily Veinglory, who specializes in male-male erotic romance.

Amanda: Tell us a little bit about yourself.

Emily: Well, I’m from New Zealand and I work as an animal behaviorist. I write romance, mainly m/m, mainly fantasy and paranormal—but also non-fiction, poetry, erotica and all sorts of other things. I get to write pretty as much as I like because my only co-inhabitant is a border collie. I love to hang out online and am webmaster not only my own site ( but also several blogs, an erotic romance forum, a self-published book review site (POD People) and an Erotic Romance E-publisher Comparison site (EREC)

Amanda: Your story in the anthology is titled "Blood and Feathers." What is it about?

Emily: It is essentially the story of Paul, a young man who has become a guardian angel. He is besotted with his charge, a handsome artist who is not what he seems. Paul eventually learns that true love can come from the most mundane of places.

Amanda: How did you get involved with this project?

Emily: ‘Blood and Feathers’ was in my mind for a long time, but as a potential comic. However, with time, I gradually dropped out from doing visual art and took my prose writing a lot more seriously. As I was writing it the Freya’s Bower anthologies opened for submissions and it seemed like a natural combination. I was very pleased to be accepted and only afterwards saw that the predominant themes of the collection are m/f and on the sweeter end of the scale!

Amanda: Honestly, I like that there's a wide variety of genres. I think it brings diversity to the collection. Anyway, you're known for writing male/male gay fiction, particularly romance. Is it difficult for you, as a woman, to write about men?

Emily: We all write what comes naturally to us, I think. But writing men is no more difficult that writing vampires, highwaymen, angels or Americans. In fact men are somewhat on the easy end of the scale given that I have known them all my life. I don’t analyze these things to much; girls like ponies, women like chocolate, Americans like basketball and I like to write about gay men in love. Viva la diversity.

Amanda: LOL! Great attitude. I think that's awesome, and your story is fantastic. What's next for Emily Veinglory?

Emily: I have a whole raft of writing plans. More e-books, more stories in print anthologies, and my first POD paperback with Samhain by the end of the year. My New Year’s resolution is to write some to submit to a large NY press but my current job contract and visa to be in the USA runs out in less than a year, which rather prevents me form making solid long term plans. But anyone who likes my writing will be sure to see some new releases one way or another! In fact I adore getting suggestions for books or sequels. A comment on my livejournal suggested trolls and I'm already 5000 words into a story on just that!

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