Wednesday, January 10, 2007

A Conversation with Faith Bicknell-Brown

Welcome to Day 2 of my Interview Party! Today we're chatting with Faith Bicknell-Brown, a professional writer and editor.

Amanda: Tell us a little bit about yourself.

Faith: I'm a mother of four--two girls and two boys--and I've been writing my entire life. My work has appeared in national men's magazines, but I prefer to write mainstream and magic realism. When I'm not writing, I work as the managing editor for Wild Child Publishing and Freya's Bower. Working with authors who are eager to grow as a writer is a wonderful job.

Amanda: Your story in the charity anthology is titled "Song Without Words." What it is about?

Faith: The main character is an concert pianist and lost her husband to cancer. Before he died, he told her that he'd give her a song without words. Although she loved him, she also loved his brother. When she finally receives her song without words, she realizes that he knows she's in love with his brother and that he has given her hisblessing.

Amanda: How did you get involved with this project and what persuaded you to participate?

Faith: Marci and I discussed doing something special through Freya's Bower. She mentioned a charity anthology, and since I've survived more than one abusive marriage (it took me a couple times to learn that I am worthy of real love.), I suggested that the charity should be a battered women's shelter.

Amanda: Which do you prefer--writing or editing?

Faith: For me that's a 50/50 answer. I love both sides very much.

Amanda: "Song Without Words" is a reprint of a story in your collection, WOMAN OF UNKNOWN ORIGINS. Can you tell us a bit about that book?

Faith: Woman of Unknown Origins is a collection of some of my graphic work published in men's magazines as well as some of the more erotic ones published in such places as Ruthie's Club. There are a few brand new stories in collection and a wide range of genres too.

Amanda: What's next for Faith Bicknell-Brown?

Faith: I'm working on finishing some WIPs, and once they're finished, I'm back on the agent query-go-round again. My last agent and I didn't see eye-to-eye on much of anything, so I'm hoping that 2007 brings me a bit of good luck. I also have some new authors I'm working with, so I look forward to seeing their novels in eBook as well as print.

Thanks Faith for coming and chatting with us! Tomorrow I'll be chatting with Sela Carsen.

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