Wednesday, January 17, 2007

A Conversation with Gemma Halliday

It's Day 5 of the Dreams & Desires Interview Party. Today I'm chatting with Gemma Halliday.

Amanda: Tell us a little bit about yourself.

Gemma: Thanks for having me, Amanda! And hi everyone! My name is GemmaHalliday and I currently write the High Heels Mysteries, a romantic mystery series about Maddie Springer, an L..A. shoe designer, who has a bad habit of stumbling upon dead bodies. The first book, SPYING INHIGH HEELS, was out this past summer and the second, KILLER IN HIGH HEELS, will be in stores Feb 27th.

Amanda: Your story in the charity anthology is titled "Confessions of a Bombshell Bandit." What it is about?"

Gemma: Confessions of a Bombshell Bandit" centers around a bank teller who, in the span of one day, is fired, robbed, and evicted. After therequisite junk food binging, she decides she's not going to lay downand take it anymore. She's taking charge of her lifeā€¦ and planning a bank heist of her own. One that she hopes will get back at her ogreof a boss, get her out of debt, and maybe even lead her to love.I've currently got a video book trailer up on my site at:

Amanda: What persuaded you to participate in this project?

Gemma: Well, the lovely and talented Amanda Brice approached me at an RWA luncheon in Atlanta and told me a little bit it. It sounded like a lot of fun for a great cause, so I jumped on it.

Amanda: Well, I'm certainly glad my powers of persuasion aren't rusty, although I must admit that most people were sold on the charity angle alone. LOL!

You're a Golden Heart winner. How did this contest help your career? Would you recommend entering contests?

Gemma: Winning the Golden Heart really helped me get my name out there and garner more editor attention. Plus, it's a pretty handy thing to put in a query letter. :) I met my current editor at that same national conference and I'm sure that seeing me win didn't hurt her opinion of my writing any. She bought my first book a month later. So, yes, I would definitely recommend entering writing contests. I think the potential benefits far outweigh the downsides.

Amanda: SPYING IN HIGH HEELS is absolutely hilarious, and I can totally see why Fox optioned the rights to make a television series. Congrats! What happens in the sequel, KILLER IN HIGH HEELS?

Gemma: Thank you! Yeah, I'm pretty excited about the option myself. I'll be sure to let you know when I hear more! And I'm so glad you liked SPYING IN HIGH HEELS! KILLER IN HIGH HEELS picks up right where SPYING left off. In this one, Maddie goes on a mission to track down the father she never knew. Her quest takes her, along with a couple of her zany friends, to fabulous Las Vegas where she ends up involved with a group of aging drag queens, a ring of designer shoe counterfeiters, some minor Mob members, and a murderer on the loose. Oh yes, and the very sexy, very dangerous Detective Jack Ramirez makes an appearance or two.

Amanda: Oh good, I'm glad to see Ramirez is back! What's next for Gemma Halliday?

Gemma: I'm currently finishing up the third High Heels book, UNDERCOVER IN HIGH HEELS, which should be in stores sometimes this summer. This one takes place on the set of a TV show that's eerily similar to"Desperate Housewives". Lots of catty drama that has been SO fun to write. Once this one's finished up, it's right into book four for me.

Thanks for chatting with us Gemma! Check in tomorrow for an interview with Candace Havens. Friday will be Zinnia Hope.

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