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A Conversation with Rachelle Chase

Welcome to Day 4 of my Interview Party! Today we're chatting with Rachelle Chase, author of SEX LOUNGE (coming soon from Kensington Aphrodisia).

Amanda: Tell us a little bit about yourself.

Rachelle: When I’m not working on my current book or fantasizing about my next one, I work as a business consultant in the unromantic, though sometimes comic, corporate world, as well as model. On the odd week that I actually have spare time, I like to travel, read, search for the perfect dessert, start – emphasis on ‘start’ – new hobbies, and meddle in the lives of my family members.

Amanda: Your story in the collection is titled "Romance for One." What is it about?

Rachelle: “Romance For One” is about a woman who’s finally gotten over her last relationship and is fantasizing about her next one – with surprising results. J This was a really fun story to write.

Amanda: Last year you ran the popular Chase the Dream contest on your website. Will you be doing that again? What inspired you to do this?

Rachelle: Yes – thanks for asking! Leigh Michaels and I will be hosting another writing contest in March. So, I encourage everyone to get their entries – first 1,000 words of an unpublished manuscript – ready to enter. We’ve incorporated a lot of the feedback that we received from the first contest, so this one will be even better. In February, details will be posted at http://www.rachellechase.com=/ and http://www.leighmichaels.com=/.

I launched the contest out of a desire to help other writers, just like I was helped. My romance writing career got its start from an online romance writing course I took at http://www.writingclasses.com=/, which was taught by Leigh Michaels, plus my SECRETS VOLUME 13 novella got its start from an online contest Lori Foster offered. So offering a contest similar to Lori’s and co-hosting with Leigh, my first romance writing instructor, seemed like a great way for me to pay homage to both Lori and Leigh, as well as satisfy my desire to help other writers get a start. The contest surpassed my expectations – all finalists had their work requested and some made sales, mini-critique winners learned by having their work critiqued (as did visitors), and I learned a lot, too, which I wrote about at http://redhotromance.blogspot.com/2006/05/lessons-learned-from-my-contest.html. It was an awesome experience and it was great to ‘meet’ so many talented writers. Leigh and I are really looking forward to this one!

Amanda: Your upcoming release SEX LOUNGE, from Kensington Aphrodisia, will be your first full-length novel, having been published in Red Sage's SECRETS in the past. How does writing a full-length differ from shorts or novellas?

Rachelle: It was a lot l-o-n-g-e-r, which meant it required more time to write, more words, and a more complicated story so that I could keep the conflict - both between the hero and heroine, as well as within themselves – and the sexual tension going for a lot more pages. But, writing short presents its own set of challenges. In my SECRETS, I had to take two strangers and make the reader care about them without having a lot of pages available to weave in a lot of backstory, plus I had to make the progression from their first meeting to their desire for a relationship believable in a limited number of pages. In “Romance For One,” I had to do all that in one scene. All this is to say, the components required to create a satisfying romance/story must be present in novels, novellas, and shorts – I just have to adjust the extent that each one is present based on the length.

Amanda: What's next for Rachelle Chase?

Rachelle: Well … In addition to the Chase the Dream contest, in the next two months, I’m launching two events that I’m really excited about – live author chats and a contest involving the hero from my upcoming book, SEX LOUNGE. Details will be posted soon at my web site, http://www.rachellechase.com=/ . In addition, I’m working on another single title/full length erotic romance, plus revising my woman’s fiction novel, RUNNING AWAY.

Thanks so much for the interview, Amanda. It’s terrific to be in Dreams & Desires with you!

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