Wednesday, January 24, 2007

A Conversation with Rhonda Stapleton

Today I'm chatting with Rhonda Stapleton. Last time we was a guest on here she spoke about being an editor for Siren Publishing and Freya's Bower/Wild Child. She was an aspiring author then, but hadn't sold yet. But now she's a published author! What a difference a few months makes! Her debut novel, STRIPPED, was released last week and she also has a short story in DREAMS AND DESIRES.

Amanda: Tell us a little bit about yourself.

Rhonda: Well, I'm a writer, I have 2 kids and a fiance, and my family is on crack. I have a Master's degree in English, so I'm a bit of a nerd, as well. LOL

Amanda: Oh, there's nothing wrong with being a little nerdy, besides, you're totally not. Your story in the charity anthology is titled "Baring it All for Mr. Right." What it is about?

Rhonda: This poor girl...I torture her throughout the story. A hot new neighbor moves in next door, and her first meeting with him is a total embarrassment. She finally scrapes up enough courage to ask him out, and their first date is to her roommate's cousin's wedding. And it's a disaster.

Amanda: How did you get involved with this project and what persuaded you to participate?

Rhonda: I actually got involved because of you! When you sent me an email asking me if I'd like to contribute, I was really flattered and spent a weekend writing and editing the story.

Amanda: Well, I knew you'd do a great job, so I wanted you in it! Who are your favorite authors and what is your favorite genre?

Rhonda: This is so hard. I believe in reading widely - I find it helps me continue to learn and grow as a writer. I love Lois Lowry (she writes YA), Philippa Gregory (historical fiction), stories about Tudor England, funny stories (Sophie Kinsella, Erin McCarthy), etc. I don't think I have a favorite genre, truthfully. I read a lot of YA because I also write it.

Amanda: STRIPPED just came out last week. Can you tell us a little bit about it?

Rhonda: That's right - Stripped is now available with Freya's Bower. It's about yet another poor tortured woman who gets passed over for a promotion at work. Her friends hire a stripper for her, who is hot, but terrible. LOL. Turns out, he's the guy who got her promotion. Of course, drama and hilarity ensue. :D

Amanda: LOL! What's next for Rhonda Stapleton?

Rhonda: Well, I'm continuing to write YA, and I have a novella in the works with you and Stephanie Secrest.

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