Monday, January 22, 2007

A Conversation with Richelle Mead

We're digging out of the ice here in DC, although it's still very cold. In the meantime, enjoy this chat with Richelle Mead.

Amanda: Welcome, Richelle. Tell us a little bit about yourself.

Richelle: Well…for brevity’s sake, I’ll stick to the basics. 5’2”. Red-haired. Scorpio. Wacky. I have more degrees than any one person should and have taught both college and junior high classes. Fortunately, I now have the good fortune to write full-time, so I get to spend my days wearing pajamas and drinking copious amounts of coffee in my lair. I mean, office.

Amanda: LOL! And I know what you mean about the too many degrees, although sometimes I wish I could be a professional student. Anyway, your story in the charity anthology is titled "Brushstrokes." What is it about?

Richelle: It’s a historical paranormal that takes place in Renaissance Italy, during a time when Florence’s art and literature were destroyed for the sake of “salvation.” The heroine is a succubus trying to prevent that from happening…with the help of a sexy and slightly demented artist.

Amanda: How did you get involved with the project and what prompted you to participate?

Richelle: I was approached by Jackie Kessler who was approached by Marci Baun…and the rest is history. I’m normally more of a novel-minded person, but I really wanted to give a short story a try, particularly for such a good cause.

Amanda: Your upcoming release, SUCCUBUS BLUES looks awesome! I understand that the heroine in that book is also the heroine from your short story, in a different form. Can you tell us what the book is about?

Richelle: Yes! She goes by a different name in the story, but she is indeed the same succubus. That’s the beauty of having an immortal character. In the novel, she’s called Georgina and is kind of disgruntled by the whole succubus scene. Her demonic boss (who looks like John Cusack) and immortal friends are all kind of eccentric, and she can’t get physically close to a guy without sucking away part of his life. She’s got to put her brooding on hold, however, when an unknown creature starts killing immortals in Seattle—a creature who appears to have a crush on her…

Amanda: How did you get interested in succubi stories?

Richelle: Hey, who isn’t interested in succubi? Seriously, I’ve just always thought they were fascinating. And when I sat down to write a novel about a paranormal being, there was never any question about what kind she’d be.

Amanda: What's next for Richelle Mead?

Richelle: Georgina has more novels coming, and I’m also contracted for another series with Kensington. It’s about a shaman who fights fey and spirits and will debut in 2008. Kensington is also putting out an anthology in 2008, and I’ll have a novella in that.

In the world of young adult fantasy, Penguin/Razorbill is publishing another series of mine. The first book of that—entitled Vampire Academy­—will come out this autumn.

So, I guess what’s next for me is a lot of deadlines! Updates, appearances, and my publishing schedule can all be found over at

Thanks for stopping by, Richelle! Stay tuned tomorrow for an interview with Debbie Mumford and one on Wednesday with Rhonda Stapleton.

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