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A Conversation with Sasha White

We're in the home stretch, folks. The DREAMS & DESIRES charity anthology will be releasing on Thursday. But first, we still have a few more interviews with our remaining authors.

Today I'm chatting with Sasha White,an erotica author, so today's interview is not for those under 18.

Amanda: Welcome, Sasha. Tell us a little bit about yourself.

Sasha: I just turned 37, I'm single, a Scorpio, and addicted to microwave popcorn.
You want to know more? Oh, okay. Uhmm After being a bartender for 19 years, and traveling all over the place with nothing but a backpack, I now write hot sexy stories. I write them in all lengths, from short story to full length novels, in a variety of sub genres, and I love to make my characters squirm. *evil grin*
If you want to know more..there is plenty of tidbits on my website bio at , including 69 tidbits of Trivia

Amanda: 69 bits of trivia. Hehe... Your story in the charity anthology is titled "The Mirror." What is it about?

Sasha: I can't say a whole lot without giving it away as it's very short. But, basically, it's about a woman who's driving home from a business trip, and blows out a tire. She ends up in a dive bar, across from a cheap hotel on the highway, pissed off at her boyfriend for pouting when she called to say she wouldn't make it home for their "special dinner".
This doesn't sound hot, but when a tall dark and very hot man in a leather jacket and tight blue jeans walks into that dive bar...things heat up fast. *grin*

Amanda: How did you get involved with this project and what made you want to participate?

Sasha: I hang out online at Romance Divas a lot and when I was in Atlanta at the RWA conference, another one of the divas mentioned it to me. I love writing short stories, and the charity is a great cause, so I couldn't not get involved.

Amanda: You're known for your super sizzling sensual erotica. How do you write such steamy, yet romantic, scenes?

Sasha: I have no idea. And that's the honest answer.
Sex, sexual attraction, sexuality ... these all fascinate me. I tend to start, in my mind, with characters and a sexual desire or situation...and then I let the characters react to things. People, in almost every situation, react to things with my characters do too.
I enjoy what I write, and I'm comfortable with all aspects of it, and I think thats what comes through in the stories.

Amanda: Other than erotica, what's your favorite genre to read?

Sasha: Suspense. I like thrillers, suspense and paranormal. :)

Amanda: What's next for Sasha White?

Sasha: 2007 is full of new releases for me. Below is a quick peek at what's coming soon...and after that.. who knows? *grin* I hate to plan too far ahead, it ruins the fun in things. LOL
2007 Release schedule
January, SECRET THOUGHTS: Erotique collection, Samhain
February, WATCH ME 40k novella in KINK, Berkley
THE MIRROR, short story in the DREAMS & DESIRES Charity Anthology
March, TEMPTING GRACE, 10k short in ALLURING TALES, Awaken the Fantasy, Avon Red
April, LUSH, single author anthology, Kensington.
August, TROUBLE, single title, Berkley
December, SEXY DEVILS, erotic paranormal suspense, Kensington

Wow, looks like 2007 is going to be super busy for Sasha!

Anyway, stop in tomorrow for my conversation with Lois Winston.

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