Monday, January 29, 2007

A Conversation with Shaunna Wolf

It's my 150th post, which is very exciting. Today we're chatting with Shaunna Wolf.

Amanda: Tell us a little bit about yourself.

Shaunna: First I'd like to thank you for doing the interviews with the various authors, and for asking me to participate. Shaunna Wolf is actually the pen name I use for writing erotica. I'm better known as S.R.Howen. I live in Texas at the current time with 11 indoor cats, not all of them the domestic sort, four fish and two rabbits--oh and my husband and daughter as well. My husband and one of my sons are in the army. I have a day job and work as an editor for both Wild Child Publishing and Freya's Bower. Free time not spent on writing, involves a lot of cat box duty--as well as work I do rescuing feral cats and finding homes for them.

Amanda: Your story in the anthology is "The Forge: Jezren Dark Sky." What is it about?

Shaunna: It's a story about one woman's journey through life to the fulfillment of her dreams. It illustrates how as we age and grow our dreams and desires also change, from the very simple: when do I eat next, to more lofty life goals and ultimately the goal every living thing has--that of companionship. It covers a lot of time in a short amount of words, Jezren's life from orphan to adult, her dreams from simple to complex.

Amanda: That *is* a lot of time to cover! I understand it's the prequel to your Freya's Bower series, THE FORGE. Can you tell us a little bit about the series?

Shaunna: The series picks up the same theme. How do we get through life (how does the main character) when our dreams crash around us? Each book picks a thread from Jezren's past and then puts the reader into the here and now of her life and how she deals with every day life after losing her one true love. Not to mention some sizzling sex scenes that not only give the reader a thrill, but are entwined with the plot and character development. On the SciFi side we have a strong female character, some interesting aliens and worlds, and some blazing sword battles as well. The series is not for the faint of heart.

Amanda: How did you get involved with the charity anthology, and what prompted you to participate?

Shaunna: Marci asked me to do the foreword. I have been in an abusive relationship myself, and after I got out I was involved in helping other women in the same situations. It is a subject near and dear to me. I see women and girls who are abused everyday. It angers me a great deal. We teach our children not to do drugs, we warn them about drinking and driving, we try to get them not to smoke, we even try to shield them from sex and teen pregnancy. We offer classes in child care (those real baby experience classes in High Schools) BUT and this is a great big red baboon butt, why is there a lack of any sort of education, when our kids are learning about relationships, on the signs of abuse, on the ABC's of a healthy mutually respectful relationship? I wanted to be involved to help get the word out--hopefully to someone who needs it--just what abuse is.

Amanda: How did you begin wtiting sci-fi/fantasy romance and erotica?

Shaunna: I've always written SciFi/Fantasy--a lot of it, ok, most of it very dark stuff. One of the things that makes any story real is it's closeness to real life. And what is one of the most basic elements of any living things nature? --the desire for a mate. My stories simply grew around the baser instincts, driven by love and romance.

Amanda: What's next for Shanna Wolf?

Shaunna: Getting The Forge book two written and hoping in the next year that my agent can sell my Historical Fantasy Romance "Medicine Man." I'd like to make enough from my writing to quit my day job, but isn't that every writer's dream and desire? Quit the day job and stay home and write?

I'd say it definitely is! Thanks, Shaunna, for chatting with us today. Tomorrow will be my last interview, with Kit Wylde.

Then on Thursday is the release of the anthology, as well as Gemma's fabulous launch party in her chat room at

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