Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Does Anyone Doubt the Importance of the Internet?

I just read today that the world's oldest newspaper still in circulation, the Post-och Inrikes Tidningar, has dropped its paper edition and now exists only in cyberspace. This newspaper was founded in 1645 by Sweden's Queen Kristina. As of Jan 1, it became web-only.

Pretty interesting, if you ask me. Is this a sign that e-publishing in general is going to take off? Maybe I won't have to explain to my friends and family "no really, it really is a book."

Speaking of the Internet, I recently wrote an article for Orange County RWA's magazine, the "Orange Blossom," on the importance of protecting yourself online. Establishing a web presence is crucial for an author in this day and age, but it can sometimes also open your up to harassment. Google is the silver bullet in a stalker's arsenal, so it's very important for anyone with a web presence to take steps to protect themselves.

Louise Knott Ahern, the co-editor of the Orange Blossom and a talented PR professional kindly interviewed me today for her Boom! PR Solutions for Authors blog.

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