Thursday, February 08, 2007

I Hate Losses

Not in a good mood today, so I'll keep this short. But how does a team blow a 10-point lead, only to lose by 6 points?

Carolina never held a lead until like the 2-minute mark or something. The problem is that while Duke played on fire for 38 minutes of the game, they couldn't hold that stamina for the remaining 2. Carolina, on the other hand, has a very deep bench and they had fresh legs at all times on the floor.


So yeah, I'm mourning a loss this morning. Not as sad and depressing as when we lost in the National Championship game to UCONN my senior year, but still sad.

Actually, for that UCONN loss, I went tunneling in the underground steam tunnels beneath campus to numb the pain. That was kinda fun, even if I was only doing it because we lost.

Anyway, congratulations on a good win, UNC. But watch out--in less than a month we come to the Dean Dome and I'm fairly sure my boys in blue will be wanting blood...


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