Sunday, February 11, 2007

It's a Small World After All...

I've always loved learning about other countries and cultures. I remember going to the Expo '86 in Vancouver, Canada when I took a cruise to Alaska with my parents and grandparents. My favorite part of Expo was taking my "passport" around to all the different countries' pavillions and getting it stamped.

In high school, I was the weird teen whose job goal was to work for the Foreign Service. (Apparently I was quite naive, because I honestly believed that I'd get a job working in the US Embassy in Paris straight out of college.) So I majored in Political Science (with an emphasis on International Relations) and French. Talk about a VERY useful major (um, yeah...).

My fave summer job ever was as a protocol officer for the Olympics in 1996 in Atlanta. My job dealt with helping to decide whether Chelsea Clinton or Prince William would get priority for tickets to gold medal gymnastics (answer: they both get tix).

And my fave ride at Disney World is the one with those little dolls that wave flags and sing "It's a Small World..."

Good times.

Anyway, you get the point. So it's probably not much of a surprise that I'm tickled pink to learn that my writing is spreading around the world. OK, OK, it's baby steps, I know, but still it's cool.

I blogged yesterday about how a bookseller in Italy had blogged about D&D. So cool! And Mrs. Giggles, who raved about both D&D and my SHE'S GOT LEGS, is in Malaysia. And Veronika, who won a free copy of SHE'S GOT LEGS during the D&D launch party in Gemma Halliday's chatroom, lives in France.

And Marci, my editor at Freya's Bower, mentioned to me today that I'd just sold a copy of SGL to someone in Manchester, England.

I think this is so cool. I know it's not much, but it's pretty amazing to me that with e-publishing, anyone, anywhere, at any time, in any country in the entire world, can read my writing. It's really awe-inspiring.

Makes me want to go on that ride with the singing dolls...

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