Saturday, February 03, 2007

Interesting Review

I'm thrilled to death to announce that Mrs. Giggles, who's known for her super-harsh, extremely honest reviews, gave Dreams & Desires a 90! A 90! Whoohoo! That puts it in her "keeper" status, which is somethng she really doesn't give often.

She also said it was the first time she'd ever given "keeper" status to an anthology, which is pretty darn cool. She only individually commented on 9 of the 19 stories, and my "Love @ First Site" was one of them. :) Granted, she didn't give a very long review of my story, but she did call it "sweet and adorable." My story was singled out along with stories by Richelle Mead, Gemma Halliday, Susan Lyons, Sasha White, Jackie Kessler, Shaunna Wolf, Fath Bicknell-Brown, and Debbie Mumford. Not bad company to keep, eh?

*warm glow*

So, today I'm going around to bookstores and asking them very nicely to stock Dreams & Desires. I think I'll take a copy of the book, as well as a copy of some of the awesome reviews.

After that, I need to do some spring cleaning. OK, so it's not spring yet, but the groundhog did predict that we'll be getting an early spring. No, my spring cleaning consists of taking down my Christmas tree.

Yeah, that's what I said. It's embarassing, considering as it's now February 3. Originally I kept it up for Ukrainian Christmas, then I went away for the weekend and couldn't do it then, then I got busy with other things, and when I was going to take it down, Mr. Brice convinced me to leave it up for my mom's visit last weekend, since she hadn't gotten a chance to see it. Well, she liked seeing the tree, because it's pretty, but I promised her it would come down this weekend.

So yeah, that's what I'm doing. Oh, that and avoiding the grocery store. We *may* get 1 whole inch of snow sometime this weekend, so the good people of Washington, DC are racing out to stockpile bread, milk, and eggs, because God forbid that 1 inch of snow keep us trapped inside our apartments without bread, milk, and eggs. I waited for 45 minutes to check out at the grocery store yesterday, because all the Washingtonians had carts packed with bread, milk, and eggs (and frozen pizza and beer, but hey, the Super Bowl is tomorrow).

It's 1 inch people! 1 inch! I've seen more white stuff on a powdered donut, for crying out loud.

You know, it's crazy. I live in arguably the most powerful city on the planet, and yet 1 measly inch of snow throws everyone into a panic and completely shuts us down. You'd think we were in the Deep South, like Alabama or Mississippi, or something. It's not even like it's a Southern city...yeah, we're south of the Mason-Dixon Line, but it's really more of a Northern city.

Except with the panic over 1 inch of snow.

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