Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Damn you and your fantastic writing...

You know when you pick up a fan-freakin-tastic book and it's so good that you just can't put it down, no matter how busy you are and how much you have to get done?

Happened to me this weekend. I'm supposed to be unpacking and organizing and straightening in the new house because we leave for a 10-day vacay on Sunday, but no, instead I decided to read an ARC of my friend Diana Peterfreund's book UNDER THE ROSE.

Wow. That's all I can say--WOW!!!

If you haven't read her first book, SECRET SOCIETY GIRL, well, then you simply must do so, post-haste. It's great. Well, it gets even better in the sequel, UNDER THE ROSE.

Without giving anything away, SECRET SOCIETY GIRL is the story of Amy Haskel, a Eli University (which is bizarro-Yale) undergrad who's one of the first ever women tapped into the ultra-selective and ultra-secretive Rose and Grave secret society.

Anyway, the writing is brilliant and even though I went to another school with blue in the colors, I totally was brought back to my college days and actually longed to be back on campus. Diana's writing was so vivid and really brings you into the pages as you cheer on Amy.

I can't wait for her third book, RITES OF SPRING!


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Friday, May 18, 2007

Moving Truly Sucks

I am exhausted today. Truly exhausted. I just spent the last two days away from work, schlepping boxes and bags from the apartment to the house. Oh, and shredding paper, throwing things away, and making more trips to Goodwill to donate things than I can even count.

And every part of my body is sore now. At least there's a whirlpool tub in my new master bath...I'm sure I'll be puting that to good use.

But we now have EVERYTHING out. We've been moving things over slowly for about the past month, but now finally it's done.

Of course, the decorating scheme of the house is now "early box" because you can barely walk through the living room without tripping over boxes. It's horrendous.

Anyway, I got a later start on moving on Wednesday than I'd planned. Why? Well, I locked myself out of the house, but trapped inside the screen porch.

Yeah, only I could manage that. I'd been leaving the bottom lock (on the doorknob) unlocked, and just using the deadbolt on the door from our living room to the screen porch. So I assumed I could go out there to break down cardboard boxes with no problem.

Um, no. Mr. Brice had locked the botoom lock without telling me, so the door locked behind me. Needless to say, he'd already left for work and I didn't have my keys or a cell phone out there. And there's no door from the screen porch to the backyard. If you're stuck out there, you're also trapped inside the porch.

I had no idea what I was going to do. Finally after 15 minutes, a woman came by, walking her dog. I called out to her "Excuse me! Can you help me? Do you have a cell phone?" I'm sure she thought I was nuts.

She didn't have a cell phone, but she offered to knock on some of my neighbors' doors. Of course, nobody was home. Grrr...

So she left.

About 5 minutes later, one of my neighbors pulled up across the street, so I yelled at the top of my lungs so he could hear me. He looked all around him, not able to figure out where his name was coming from. Finally, he strains his eyes to see a shadowy figure on a screen porch.

He walked over, laughted hysterically after I told him my predicament, and then dug his cell phone out so I could call Mr. Brice at work and ask him to come home. Fortunately the new house is just a 15 minute walk from the office, so about 20 minutes later, Mr. Brice came and let me out.

Needless to say, he was not amused.

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Sunday, May 06, 2007

I heard the BEST news today! Gemma Halliday's double RITA nominated novel, Spying in High Heels, is in development for a television series on the USA Network!!!

It’s currently one of five new shows being developed for their fall 2007/2008 season. Spying in High Heels follows shoe designer Maddie Springer, who in an effort to track down her missing boyfriend, realizes that her knack for fashion also serves another purpose: it makes her a great detective.

Maddie's uniquely female perspective helps her pick up clues, using her designer's eye to discern tell tale shapes, colors and patterns, among other things. Along with her best friend Dana, an out-of-work actress, Maddie decides to open a detective agency operating out of her stepfather's hair salon.

Not all shows in development make it to the air, but this one should! If you want to see Maddie and Ramirez on the small screen, write to the USA Network and tell them you heard about SPYING IN HIGH HEELS and can’t wait to watch it. Or, if you’ve read the book and liked it, tell them that, too! Contact the programming department at the USA Network:feedback@usanetwork.com

In the meantime, read up on Gemma's books, including Undercover in High Heels & Killer in High Heels.

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Saturday, May 05, 2007

The Prodigal Blogger Returns (or, Happy Birthday to me)...

OK, OK, I know. It's been, well, FOREVER, since the last time I blogged. Mea culpa. March and April were just so beyond busy for me, that I couldn't get on here.

But I'm back. And today I turn 30.

Yup, I now have a 3 in front of my age. It's the start of my fourth decade on the planet, and I'm officially no longer a kid playing grownup.

Lots of stuff has happened since I last blogged (no, I didn't sell CODENAME, but hopefully that's on the horizon). Probably the biggest is that Mr. Brice and I bought a house. A real house, too, and if you're from the DC area, you'll know what a big deal that is. We had an insanely short closing, and we're still moving in, but we plan to spend our first night in the house tonight.

I'm also on the negotiating team at work, negotiating the new performance appraisal plan for the incoming attorneys. It's a lot of work, but it's something different to do (I'm not doing my normal job as a result of this). We reached impasse and are going to mediation, starting Monday.

Also starting Monday, I'm teaching an online class on basic intellectual property law that writers should know. You can find out more details and sign up at: www.neorwa.com under "online workshops." As an added bonus, I'm donating my entire fee that NEORWA is paying me (which is 50% of all collected registration fees) to the Romance Divas Scholarship Fund, to pay for a well-deserving member to attend RWA Nationals.

Anyway, it's my birthday, so this means presents. Presents for you, that is.

I'm running an impromptu contest. Send an email by midnight your time zone to contest@amandabrice.com and you're automatically entered to win a free copy of my mini-ebook, SHE'S GOT LEGS.

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