Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Damn you and your fantastic writing...

You know when you pick up a fan-freakin-tastic book and it's so good that you just can't put it down, no matter how busy you are and how much you have to get done?

Happened to me this weekend. I'm supposed to be unpacking and organizing and straightening in the new house because we leave for a 10-day vacay on Sunday, but no, instead I decided to read an ARC of my friend Diana Peterfreund's book UNDER THE ROSE.

Wow. That's all I can say--WOW!!!

If you haven't read her first book, SECRET SOCIETY GIRL, well, then you simply must do so, post-haste. It's great. Well, it gets even better in the sequel, UNDER THE ROSE.

Without giving anything away, SECRET SOCIETY GIRL is the story of Amy Haskel, a Eli University (which is bizarro-Yale) undergrad who's one of the first ever women tapped into the ultra-selective and ultra-secretive Rose and Grave secret society.

Anyway, the writing is brilliant and even though I went to another school with blue in the colors, I totally was brought back to my college days and actually longed to be back on campus. Diana's writing was so vivid and really brings you into the pages as you cheer on Amy.

I can't wait for her third book, RITES OF SPRING!


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