Saturday, June 16, 2007

Today I'm chatting with one of my Book Cents sisters, Jennifer Colgan/Bernadette Gardner. She's got several books out this summer, including La Mirage, which came out from Samhain yesterday.

Amanda: Tell us a little bit about yourself.

Jennifer/Bernadette: I've been married for fifteen years to my best friend. We met at a Star Trek convention in 1990. I have two children and a spoiled Dalmatian. The latter keeps me company while I write and reminds me to get away from the computer now and then to give him treats and let him outside.

Amanda: How did you begin writing?

Jennifer/Bernadette: When I was ten years old, one of my friends wanted to be a writer like her grandfather. She actually got me into writing stories and I've been doing it ever since. She eventually gave up writing, but the dream stuck with me and here I am a number of decades later still making up stories.

Amanda: What are your upcoming books about?

Jennifer/Bernadette: I have a number of releases coming out this summer, one from each of my four publishers in fact. La Mirage will be available from Samhain Publishing on June 15th. It's a contemporary erotic romance with a paranormal twist and will be released as part of Samhain's Midsummer Night's Steam anthology series. Writing as Bernadette Gardner I have Rogue Theta, a spicy science fiction adventure from Ellora's Cave set for June 22nd. This my first release from EC so I'm really excited about joining the amazing group of authors over there. In July, I have another sizzling science fiction adventure called U-4EA, due to be released as part of the Space Truckin' Pax anthology from Amber Quill Press, and later in July, New Concepts Publishing will be releasing Hunter's Mate, a follow up story to my very first published novella, Hunter's Moon. Also hot science fiction romance [Bernadette's specialty] Hunter's Mate follows the daughter of the characters I introduced in Hunter's Moon in 2005.

Amanda: How do you find your inspiration?

Jennifer/Bernadette: I get inspiration from everywhere. Television, music, even the news. Everything I hear or see tends to make me wonder 'what if...?' and ideas come from there.

Amanda: I'm hoping my agent will find homes for two single-title paranormals I've written this past year and I have a number of spicy novellas and short stories planned to keep Bernadette busy for the summer.


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