Thursday, July 26, 2007

Two Days in Paris

Actually, I'll be spending 5 days in Paris. "Two Days in Paris" is just the name of the movie I saw last night.

I was very fortunate to get two tickets to the DC premiere of Julie Delpy's new movie (she wrote, directed, and starred), "Two Days in Paris." To celebrate the premiere, the French Embassy here in DC held a reception and screening. French wine and cheese and a movie, what more can you ask for?

Anyway, she was at the reception and she seems really cool. She's one of those beautiful women who you can tell don't really work at it or care...she went outside to get some fresh air, and because it was humid, she pulled her hair up into a messy knot with a ponytail holder. Gotta love starlets who don't primp and preen.

Of course, she let her hair out of the knot before she walked into the screening room to address the audience. LOL!

I've loved her as an actress ever since I saw her in "Before Sunrise" (and then later that year, I watched "Europa Europa" in my "European Cinema in Conflict" class...yes, we had some totally b-s classes at Duke...). "Before Sunrise" is such a good movie, don't you think? Very talky, but who doesn't love a movie where a guy and girl meet on their last night in a gorgeous European city and decide to just spend the entire night together?


Anyway, back to "Two Days in Paris." Julie Delpy wrote and directed it, and also starred as Marion, a French photographer who lives in NY. In the movie, she brings her American germophobe boyfriend (played brilliantly by Adam Goldberg) back home with her to Paris. He doesn't speak French, her parents don't speak English. And they keep running into her old boyfriends.

The tagline for the movie is "He knew Paris was for lovers. He just didn't realize they were all hers."

VERY funny movie, but it might not appeal to all. It's not your typical romantic comedy. It's more offbeat and cerebral, but a very touching ending. Very indie film.

And the best part is that I'll be in Paris one week from tomorrow!!!!!!!!

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