Wednesday, October 31, 2007

I'm Done With DWTS

So done.

I've been addicted to this show since it first premiered a few years ago and have even attended the live stage show. I even created my own teen celebrity version of it for my dance mystery series.

But I'm done watching. Done.

It's such a crock when the most talented dancer gets sent home. What is wrong with the American public that they'll vote for their favorite stars even when they aren't any good, and let the ones with talent go home?

The American public gets WAAAAAAAAY too much power on this show. It should be like the way it's on "So You Think You Can Dance" where the public votes and there's a bottom 3, but then those in the bottom 3 get to do freestyle solos and the judges choose who leaves from them. That would make much more sense and you'd actually end up with talent on the show.

The way it currently is, you end up with a junior high popularity contest. What other possible way could explain keeping Marie Osmond around? Apparently she said that fans need to vote because the "judges are picking on the older chicks." Honey, if the judges were criticizing you, it's because you simply can't dance. Your paso was the most pathetic excuse for a paso I've ever seen in my entire life. And Jane's jive wasn't much better. Believe me, Marie, if anything, the judges were being kind and gentle with you. There's no way you should have scored more than a 4 from any of the judges on that ridiculous routine.

So anyway, the American public sent the most talented dance home last night, Sabrina Bryan. I heard some people complain that they didn't think she should be on the show because she already had dance training. So what? This might come as a surprise to you (it shouldn't), but most actresses and singers have dance training, even if it's just a little bit. I am willing to bet that all of the women on that show have taken dance training before they went on DWTS, even if it wasn't serious. It's a normal part of being a performer, and anyway, the rules don't state that the show is about taking someone with zero talent and turning them into a superstar. It's just about taking celebrities out of their comfort zone and giving them a short itme to learn ballroom dances. (And hip hop as a teenager or ballet lessons when you're younger doesn't necessarily mean you'll be good at ballroom.)

The show should celebrate the best dancer. NOT the one who can solicit the most votes.

I'm guessing that Cheetah Girl fans aren't allowed to stay up late enough to vote. Or maybe their parents won't let them vote. Or maybe they have the same problem I have: you're supposed to get as many votes per phone line as the number of dancers left, yet when I make my very first call, they tell me that I've already used up all my votes. Huh? Yeah, if you count votes I made LAST week. Needless to say, I didn't get to cast a single vote this week.

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